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Monday, March 20, 2006

Ultimate Explosion!!

The Explosion is back in Seattle and raring to go. I already filled out my $2360 expense report from the past two weeks and am REALLY looking forward to getting that check. However, to the Seattle sports scene...

- Unlike Colin the manic-depressive pessimist (completely against the philosophy of this blog) I had UW beating Illinois in my bracket. Of course, my upset optimism also stretched to Duke/Memphis upsets in the second round, so go figure. My best pick? Northwestern St over Iowa. When that shot went in... Anyways, I do think UW has a legit chance to take out UConn next week, although they will definitely need to play the game of their lives. We'll do a more in detail post on this later, but suffice it to say that Jon Brockman is going to need to be an absolute beast.

- Brandon Roy is starting to show the rest of the world what he can do. Chad Ford (who ALREADY is talking about the next great European prospect... apparently suffering from short-term memory loss) has Roy ranked seventh in the draft. Oddly enough, the Sonics could easily be at seventh (in fact, they are there today, depending on how the lottery plays out). That would be highly strange, even if I want a big man, but Roy is proving himself to be one of the most complete players in the nation. The News Tribune had an article today stating our interest in JJ Redick and Adam Morrison, because if there's another thing the Sonics need, it's a shoot first guard who can't play defense. That would be great. While we're at it, why don't we all get a free colonoscopy at the same time?

- Skip Bayless (spawn of Satan) actually has a good article today on Adam Morrison, essentially stating that he will be a good, not great, pro. That's what I've been saying all year, and whatever team thinks of taking him with the #1 pick will have nothing but that moustache to show for it in a few years. He has the talent to be in the league for a long time, and as Bayless writes, will be better than Keith Van Horn etc, but don't look at him to carry a team for 82 games.

- Yes, I do have coworkers who are Illinois grads. Yes, I have already called them. Yes, they hate me.

- I did spend some time yesterday on a UI website flipping through comments after the game, curious about their take on the officiating. It seemed to be pretty split between the "refs were %*$&-heads" and "where was Augustine" crowds. My take is about the same as it was. The calls were actually fairly consistent on the Roy hand-checks. It reminded me a lot of last year when Nate Robinson and Tre Simmons would for some reason extend the defense out thirty feet from the basket and get called for cheap foul after cheap foul. If Illinois wanted to win that game, they needed to feed Augustine the ball and get Dee Brown some open looks. They didn't accomplish either and they, along with the rest of the Big 10, can read this blog instead of preparing for next weekend.

- I agree with Colin. Michigan St is my biggest disappointment. Three solid seniors. Tom Izzo. You don't lose in the first round.

- On to baseball. I'm with Colin in turning backflips about the end of the Matt Thornton era. Jeff at Lookout Landings is probably borderline hysterical with glee, as his +- MVP takes a hike. I look forward to seeing his game graphs without the large dips marked by Thornton's entering the game.

- Japan takes on Cuba in the finals of the WBC tonight. You know what? I still don't care. This brings to mind some dumb article that maybe I posted earlier, where the commentator made the argument that we gave the US baseball team a free ride on being disappointing after really riding the NBA stars after their Olympic showing. The word "racism" was thrown out there, proving yet again that the word "racism" can be used to explain just about every problem in the world today. Got a problem with your toilet? Racism! Anyways, my response to that idiotic argument can be summed up thusly:
Olympics = Tradition = Every Four Years = World Cares = Gavin Watches
WBC = First Year = During Spring Training = Bud Selig's Brainchild = Frantic Media Hype = Gavin Could Care Less
Comparing the two and sports nation's reactions to them is beyond stupid.

- Speaking of baseball, I needed a laugh today and it was provided by Art Thiel, under the title "Meche Rebound Would be Civic Wonder". No, Meche Rebound Would be Act of God. This could also be phrased as "Meche Rebound Will Happen About When Mom Gets My Humor". Meche will have a few good starts, tantalize us with gumdrops and possibilities, and then get down to business as one of the worst starters in major league baseball. Then he probably goes to another team and becomes a Cy Young candidate because he learned to keep his head down farther or whatever BS problem he needed to fix. Get it Meche? The problem's in your noggin! You have the competitive fire of the Big Ten (cheap shot)!

- Finally, a few Seahawk thoughts. Apparently Walter Jones has allowed us to restructure his contract to get out from the poison pill even if the SPECIAL MASTER (whatever the hell that means) rules against us (which would be stupid) so looks like Hutchinson will still be leading the way for Shaun the next few years. I'm still of the opinion that a guard isn't worth that type of money and that we had an amazing line that included Chris Gray at the other guard spot. Basically, pundits like Peter King who predict a huge Seattle downfall without Hutchinson are being slightly more ignorant than usual. After this mess is finally settled, getting either Abraham (for that first round pick like I predicted... sometimes I surprise myself) or Julian Peterson would just about finish off the defense. Then they can draft a safety or wide receiver, although if we can pry Nate Burleson from Minny that would be a major coup.

- Super Finally, on that Terrell Owens deal. For Dallas not to have any behavior provisions in that contract is borderline criminally negligent. I'm with most Cowboy fans... Drew Bledsoe will not live with this guy. You might (MIGHT) get one good year. That's it. Congrats.

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At 9:20 PM, Anonymous Patrick said...

You're one hundred percent right about Skip Bayless being the spawn of Satan (he's right up there with Gene Wojiwhatever). I don't think that he has ever written a positive word about Washington state sports, you can't really take him seriously though since he writes for Page 2.

Did you get stung today?


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