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Friday, March 03, 2006

Ultimate Explosion!!

- I have to echo Colin's sentiments on the post below... I'm a little miffed we cut Andre Dyson. Kelley Herndon did not prove that he is a starting caliber cornerback. However, if we do get a labor deal (as the pundits are discussing it could be increasingly likely) the salary cap stands to go up substantially and we might be able to resign him. Jaime Sharper was going to be an expensive backup. Lofa Tatupu and Leroy Hill are the new leaders of the defense. Speaking of the labor issues, I am pleased to see the players start to push Gene Upshaw to get a deal done. They see how much the salary cap is projected to go up and they want a piece of it. At this point the owners are giving up more than I've seen in many of these labor struggles. Let's play some football.

- The World Baseball Classic starts now. Does anyone care? I honestly don't. I suppose part of it has to do with the fact that I'm traveling the next two weeks and so will miss most of it, but I don't like it being during Spring Training. I don't like that our pitchers/hitters will be away from what Hargrove wants them to do (even if Hargrove is really a moron).

- Felix Hernandez is good. He struck out Mike Camerson, about as challenging as striking out a retarded goat. Still, I cannot wait to see what this man can do.

- I've said this a few times, but there is more parity this year in college basketball than any year I can remember. There were three bubble teams needing big wins this week. ALL of them got it. I can't believe it. Florida St beat Duke. Texas A&M beat Texas. UAB beat Memphis. These wins are nails in the coffin for Syracuse and Stanford (Syracuse should have been out far before last night's collapse). Watch Championship Week to see where your bracket busters will come from.

- Deal or No Deal is an addictive show.

Update: Woody Paige was just asked his favorite ride at Disney World. What ride would this loser pick? Wasn't it obvious? Woody Paige picked It's A Small World After All. When I hire a hitman to do away with the Paige-meister this will be reason 534-B.

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