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Sunday, March 12, 2006

Ultimate Explosion - NY Edition!!

I've spent this whole weekend in the Big Apple, checking out Ground Zero, Harlem, Brooklyn, Times Square, etc. I have probably gotten more exercise walking these past few days than the past few months combined. New York is just enormous. I love how you can find a restaurant within a block of your hotel and I love the 1.00 hot dog carts stationed everywhere as well. Of course, I couldn't deal with the three hour time difference with Seattle sports. That would be rough...

Before we post on Selection Sunday, a few other items of interest...

- Losing Joe Jurevicius and Marquand Manuel were huge blows to our depth. Tim Ruskell has lots of money and needs to replace those key veterans who played such big roles in our run to the Super Bowl. Now, both players had excellent reasons for leaving. Jurevicius gets to end his career in his home city of Cleveland and Manuel gets $2M a year to play for the Packers. Good news for the Hawks was the Rams paying Corey Chavous a lot of money to play safety for them, cementing the Rams yet again as having a disappointing defense. The Browns were obviously the big winner, signing the tools to have a solid offensive line to protect Charlie Frye. With that line, Frye, Reuben Droughns, Braylon Edwards, Jurevicius, and maybe even Kellen Winslow Jr the Browns are an easy early pick to be a much improved squad next year.

- The Sonics continue to play well, handling the Lakers easily in the first half today. Come on, Seattle. Start losing!

- The Championship games have been pretty good today. I still can't believe Syracuse won yesterday. Please don't make the mistake of picking them to have a deep run. Boston College looked good against Duke, but may not have the long distance shooting. Texas and Kansas are playing an excellent physical game against each other. I hate Big 10 basketball, so I'm avoiding Iowa-Ohio State. Still can't wait for the show in one hour!

- SPU men's and women's basketball teams play for a chance to be in the Division II Elite Eight on Monday!! Go Falcons!!

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