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Monday, March 20, 2006

Today's Thornton Day!!

Well, Bavasi might be an absolute moron at times (*cough* Washburn *cough* Aurilia *cough* resigning Ibanez *cough*), but one must give credit where credit is due, and Bavasi got rid of one Matthew Thornton, which makes me incredibly happy. Thornton was one of the least effective Mariners pitchers in my memory banks. Sure, that left-handed fastball looked impressive, but it rarely traveled where Thornton intended it to, and they had a nasty habit of leaving the field of play while multiple members of the opposition rounded so-called "bags" while laughing at Manager Mike Hargrove for putting him in the game.

Hargrove, remember, would never fail in calling for Thornton in the all-time worst spots. There would be at least one runner on, close ball-game, in a place where we just couldn't give up another run. And then Thornton would inevitably fail, and Hargrove would simply stare off into space. As Jeremy would say, he was "throwing in the towel".

What else is going on with Seattle sports?

-- Well, the Hutch arbitration hearing is happening today. Gavin and I have made the full leap from being really depressed about all this to not wanting Hutch resigned; not at that cost, at least. No guard is worth $49 mill, and the Hawks could definitely use that money to fill several holes. Think about the upgrade defensively that Abraham and Peterson would make. We would have a premier pass-rush with an upgraded defensive line, an outstanding linebacking corps with Peterson, Tatupu, and Hill (I drooled a little bit writing that line), and the beginnings of a sweet secondary with Trufant, Boulware, and Hamlin (presuming health). The best stat I have heard about this so far was our offensive ranking without Hutch in 2002. We were 7th. 7th. Without Hutch. Come on, Ruskell, spend the money elsewhere.

-- How mad am I that I didn't pick UW over Illinois? Well, semi-mad, anyways. Now, I don't really believe that we have a chance against UConn, but who knows? The Huskies (UConn) haven't looked overly impressive yet, while Brandon Roy looks like a man on a mission. Congrats to Lorenzo Romar for continuing to ensure a tradition of excellence at UW basketball. Each tourney run means better recruits and more tourney runs, especially next year with the stupendous recruiting class on the horizon. As for Gonzaga, the win over Indiana was one of the most impressive wins I had seen from them this season, mostly because it was, finally, the time when the little guys stepped up. Mallon. Knight. Pargo. Now, if only Raivio could find the unsuck button, because he has, frankly, looked terrible in the two games so far.

-- Most disappointing team of the opening weekend? Michigan State. There is no way that a power conference school led by THREE SENIORS loses the first game. No way. I don't care if George Mason did play a great game. You have Ager, Shannon Brown, and Paul Davis, you just don't lose. Anyone who saw them play Gonzaga in Maui knows what I am talking about. Tom Izzo must just be besides himself. Of course, that leads me to the most disappointing conference of the opening weekend.... the Big Ten, where ALL SIX teams lost in the first two rounds. And I laughed. All of these teams were overrated, and the only teams that surprised me by losing where Illinois and Michigan State.

-- Did the Sonics play? Anyone?

-- My bracket? Only in the top 99.9% of the nation. Not that I'm bragging or anything. Still, best pick of the week was from my friend Jay Dirkse, who predicted a George Mason/Witchita State matchup in the Sweet 16. That, quite definitely, was the pick of the week.

-- Gavin's heading down to Phoenix on Wednesday, and we will be taking in a few spring training games, and will relate back to you just how much the Mariners will suck this year.

-- Prison Break and 24 back-to-back tonight! There is a God!

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