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Thursday, March 23, 2006

Thursday Night Notes

- Tim Ruskell continues to plug the holes in ways we had discussed earlier, signing Tom Ashworth to a deal today. Ashworth is only 28, played right tackle for the Patriots, and stuffed Julius Peppers in their last Super Bowl win. In other words, he's young, way cheaper, but still experienced. This is what we meant by guards being replaceable. Ashworth gives us an athletic tackle possibility to slide into that position.

- More good Hawk news today as Ken Hamlin was cleared to play next season. This still means we need a good backup, but we don't need to be paying anyone starter money.

- The big picture on these two moves is probably that we are drafting a defensive end with our first round pick.

- Offseason priorities now include: backup RB, resigning Mack Strong, another WR (Nate Burleson), Defensive End, Backup Safety, Kick Returner

All in all, nice.

- Chris Wilcox has turned into an absolute beast for the Sonics. We absolutely need to sign him long term this offseason. He's going to be expensive, but not as expensive as he will be if he plays this way for a full season next year. He fits our offense perfectly and it's showing.

- Good signing by Carolina getting Keyshawn Johnson. A terrific number two receiver opposite Steve Smith. It again looks like Carolina-Seattle as the top two teams in the NFC.

- The Crushed Optimists staff get our first look at the Seattle Mariners tomorrow. Details to follow.

- The Seattle Pacific Men's Basketball team lost in the Div II Final Four today, basically because they choked the last four minutes away. Oh well.

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