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Tuesday, March 28, 2006

Rose Bowl Upcoming For UW!!

At least that's the rather rosy picture you hear if you talk to Coach Ty Willingham and his "star" quarterback, Isaiah Stanback.

Willingham: "My thought is that we will have a 13th game."

Reporter: "Um..... you are guaranteeing a bowl game for UW?"

Willingham: "Not guaranteeing..... just stating that the expectation of this team should be a bowl game."

Stanback: "I see myself in a BIG bowl this year."

Your UW Huskies, ladies and gentlemen! Now, what has happened since a horrific last few seasons that have turned the frowns upside-down for the good folks at Montlake?

Wait, I know! It's an incoming terrific recruiting class, right? Coach Ty got those blue-chippers that we knew he was going to get! In your face, Oregon! Eat our dust, USC!

Nope. 6th best in the Pac-10, 35th in the nation. Now, I can't really fault him for that; you try recruting awesome athletes to play at a recently terrible program. But there is definitely no cause for optimism here.

Hmmmm. Ooh, ooh! A revamped offensive line, right? We'll win the battle of the trenches up front to bust out with our improved running game!

Well, maybe, but we are replacing virtually our entire offensive line and our best running back from last season. It conceivably COULD be better, but it also could be a lot worse. That's not to mention the other hit to our offense in losing Craig Chambers, our one deep threat, while including Stanback as our quarterback, a man who has never really inspired game-changing performances in anyone around him while getting some major hype from various media outlets. Props to Stanback for being the one Husky that opposing Pac-10 coaches will bring up in trying desperately to say something nice about UW and trying to make sure their team doesn't believe they can just coast through the game and still win.

OK, so that's a crock. What about some love for our defense, huh? Our team will be built around tough, hard-nosed players who hit you early and often!

Again, that is a possibility, but our secondary still might really suck eggs (like worst in the country sucking of eggs), we lost our two best linebackers from last season, and there are no real incoming defenders who make you sit up and take notice.

Colin, stop being so pessimistic. Surely if you could just WATCH the Huskies during spring practices, you could see why Coach Ty and Stanback are so optimistic about their chances!

True, there is a chance that my optimism could rise if I, or anyone else, could watch the Huskies during those spring practices. However, Coach Ty has forbidden anyone from attending those practices for reasons that can only be described as "Hargrove-ian" or "Radmanovic-ish".

So, let's review. There is optimism because..... 1. Lackluster recruiting class, 2. New offensive line, running back, deep threat, and same quarterback, 3. No real bright spots on defense, and 4. No one to watch the so-called improvement.

This optimism sounds strangely familiar to the type of garbage I hear spouting from the mouths of certain politicians during a certain "war-ish" engagement..... (ed: political viewpoints might not represent the entirety of the Crushed Optimists editoral staff, the entirety of Colin's warped sense of humour, or the remaining 79% of people who live inside King County who still believe that the last gubernatorial race was "fair" and the magical votes that were found were "an act of the fairy-people" (ed: this political viewpoint AS WELL might not represent the entirety of the Crushed Optimists editorial staff)) In conclusion..... no real reason for optimism if you are a Husky fan, and if I offended anyone on either side of the aisle, I recommend a humour transplant and a severe intake of Doritos, Mountain Dew, and at least one season of "Family Guy".

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