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Monday, March 13, 2006

Quick Hutch Thoughts

I am so torn on this Steve Hutchinson contract...

On the one hand, it is a no brainer. Our offensive line is the reason we were so successful. Hutch-Walter Jones formed this nuts left side of a line that dominated opposing defenses. Getting rid of that never is a smart move. Shaun Alexander has shown that he doesn't force holes well.

On the one hand, it is a no brainer. We have tons of cap space and so the 16 mill hit this year still allows us to sign some mid level backups in what has turned into a flat out insane free agency period. Frankly, at this point I hope we're not huge players since all we need are backups and even #3 wide receivers are getting 12 million dollar bonuses.

On the other hand, that poison pill kicker is just tough. If you haven't heard, essentially if we resign Hutch his entire seven year 49 million dollar deal is guaranteed because we're paying Walter Jones more (the guarantee kicks in if a lineman is making more). Hutchinson is 28, meaning he would be locked in until 35. Any injuries, any age problems, we're hit with the cap number. Now, the number is a heck of a lot less in years 2-7, but that still seems like a big risk in such a hard game. If Hutch stays in shape, he will be worth it until then. If not...

At the end of the day the Hawks will probably match, knowing that all their other contracts for their stars are really reasonable, so one bad one is okay. That Shaun Alexander deal sure looks a lot better in hindsight doesn't it?

Again, this (and what's happened so far) has really reshaped my philosophy. If we can sign a John Abraham, do so. If we can sign one Will Allen, do so. But by and large I want us to avoid the Marquand Manuel/Brandon Lloyd/Antwaan Randle El insanity we are seeing. If we are a little weaker in depth this year we will enjoy it the next five when Cleveland/Minnesota/Washington are stretched against the new cap because they gobbled it all up this year.

This makes it seem like the transition tag was a bad idea, but I still understand the philosophy. I don't think anyone really thought someone would give Hutch an offer sheet like that, but I don't think Ruskell knew how insane the market would get. If they knew, no way they don't franchise.

Go Hawks!

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