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Tuesday, March 07, 2006

Question of the Day

Alright, everyone! Books down, pen and paper out!

Stop crying, people, it's time for a pop quiz!

There's only one question, but it's a tough one.....

1. Which is easier to get into: LA's Counter-Terrorist Unit or Arizona State University?

I'll help you out a little with some rationale for either.

-- There have been about 75 moles (not the animals) found in CTU over the past 5 years
-- Terrorists have been able to kill people in CTU several times over the past 5 years, using guns, bombs, and nerve gas.
-- Jack Bauer has broken in and out of CTU again and again.
-- Daughter of CTU leader able to commit suicide
-- Man was able to get a gun into CTU even after sliding it under the X-Ray machine
-- Lynn McGill was able to get back into CTU after losing his keycard
-- Said keycard was then able to be changed in about 5 seconds
-- Terrorist was able to use keycard to break into CTU while carrying a briefcase that was never scanned by the X-Ray machine. If they had, they would have discovered a portal to another dimension where a huge cylinder of nerve gas is able to fit inside a briefcase

-- It's Arizona State, people. C'mon.
-- You need another reason? It's Arizona State. People.

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