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Wednesday, March 22, 2006

NCAA Tourney: Sweet 16 Time!

Before I get to my picks, I don't want to brag, but I had one heck of an opening weekend with my bracket, and, honestly, isn't that what is most important? I ask because I doubt my bracket will last the next couple of rounds, but getting into the top 99.9% of the ESPN brackets is pretty darn nice.

Now, as for the upcoming games.....


(4) LSU vs. (1) Duke - Sorry, but a team that barely beat Texas A&M (who were playing pretty well; Gillespie should get a sniff of the Indiana job) does not beat Duke, who looked awesome against George Washington. Sheldon Williams and JJ have at least one more game in them before meeting Texas in the Elite Eight. And, yes, that means more fawning by various talking heads about Redick, Duke, Coach K, and everything that is spawned from the depths of hell.

(13) Bradley vs. (1) Memphis - Why are some people saying that Memphis looked the most impressive this past week? Who did they beat? Bucknell? Well, Bradley manhandled both Kansas and Pittsburgh. Manhandled them. I watched the Pitt game, and it wasn't as close as the score indicated. Pitt was absolutely out of that game almost from the first minute. My upset special. Goodbye to the first number 1 seed exiting the tournament, while the Cinderella team moves on.

(6) West Virginia vs. (2) Texas - I like West Virgina, but not this much. Texas has both the guards to hassle West Virginia's outside game and the big guys to disrupt the non-existent post game of West Virginia. Face it. This region was going to come down to these two teams. I saw that on Selection Sunday. There was a huge dropoff between Duke/Texas and Iowa/LSU.

(3) Gonzaga vs. (2) UCLA - Now this should be a fantastic game between two of the best programs on the West Coast. I love Mark Few, and I really love Ben Howland, but Farmar's injury, the lack of a consistent offense from UCLA, and the actual appearance of a supporting cast from Gonzaga leads me to pick the Zags in a close one. Expect Morrison to rebound from a sub-par game against Indiana. And, yes, my picks would match up Bradley against Gonzaga to go to the Final Four. Mid-majors, unite!


(4) Boston College vs. (1) Villanova - Can this four guard offense continue to lead Villanova to the Final Four? I am reluctant to pick them to do so, especially after watching them continually allow Arizona back into that game on Sunday, a game that should not have been that close. However, Boston College really didn't look that impressive, as they should have lost in the 1st round against Pacific, and Allen Ray looks clutch. Just clutch. The Cats should get at least one more win.

(11) George Mason vs. (7) Witchita State - This should be a great game, with two experienced clubs going at each other. Actually, I have been plenty impressed with both of these teams, and really have no idea who will win, so I will go with George Mason for this reason. Their coach had the guts to suspend their 2nd best player for the beginning of the NCAA tournament, knowing that him doing so could mean an early exit. That took class, and I like that. Go George!

(7) Georgetown vs. (3) Florida - This could also be called Noah vs. Hibbert, because two great big men will be going right at each other. I picked Georgetown to win this game before the tourney started, so I guess I'll continue with that pick, but my heart isn't really in it. Florida looks outstanding; the best Billy Donovan team I've seen in a long time.

(5) Washington vs. (1) UConn - I didn't think UW had a chance against UConn, and they prevailed. It took 0 turnovers from Justin Dentmon. I don't think he can continue to do that against Marcus Williams. Sorry, but I just can't justify a homer pick here. I can only hope for a close game that goes down to the wire where anything can happen.

So.... my Elite Eight.....
Duke vs. Texas
Bradley vs. Gonzaga
Villanova vs. Georgetown
UConn vs. George Mason

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