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Friday, March 24, 2006

NCAA Tournament: UW vs UConn Live Blog

To really know what I think about this game, read my keys to the game below. Honestly, I don't think we're going to win this, but I think we do have a realistic chance. I also fully realize that this live blog will end if I feel like sulking. Deal with it.

- Well that sure started out great. Mike Jensen as our freaking jumper, easy bucket for Boone.

- Two bad calls already. Bad Three. I'm feeling the sulk coming on a little early.

18:53 UW 2, UConn 7
Could we play worse at the beginning? Possibly. Not by much.

17:57 UW 7, UConn7
We withstand the opening couple of minutes thanks to Brandon Roy. Definitely need him to produce huge. Bobby Jones should not take threes in this game.

16:47 UW 10, UConn 8
I said Mike Jensen needed to force the bigs to play out. Need more deep shots like that. This is what is odd about UConn. They always seem on the verge to blow teams out (7-2 opening) but in this tourney always let the opposition back in.

15:05 UW 14, UConn 14
I have to say, UConn is playing as well offensively as they pretty much can (3-4 from three) and we are in this game. This could have been a disastrous opening four minutes but the Dawgs have withstood it well. They are running enough to keep away from the size disadvantage.

- The Cingular guys deserve to be slapped.

14:28 UW 14, UConn 17
Can you miss from three? Huh? Miss?

12:34 UW 18, UConn 20
Good defense by Bobby Jones. Where is Roy? Our offense looks sketchy without him.

11:51 UW 20, UConn 20
Our defense has shown up this game so far. 7 forced UConn turnovers. I don't think the Huskies are used to the type of pressure we force. Bobby Jones is playing great defense without fouling. Of course, Brockman and Williams have two already. I knew someone would get in foul trouble.

- What's in my wallet? Never a Capital One card. "No Hassle" indeed. Those commercials have been hassling me for years now.

- Miller Genuine Draft? Beer grown up? Just like most grownups... no taste. HAHAHAHA.

10:06 UW 22, UConn 24
We've only given up three offensive rebounds so far, which is not too bad. UConn also missed a three... finally (of course we gave up the putback).

9:31 UW 22, UConn 24
Appleby, you are not Magic Johnson. Let's not give away possessions like that. Then three fouls now on Brockman already. That's harsh.

7:52 UW 26, UConn 24
We're getting lucky on the misses on the one-and-ones. As good as a turnover. Our defense continues to impress. They changed the third foul from Brockman? Nice. Roy gives us the lead. First points in ten minutes. Need more than that. Let's say it again, our defense is winning the game so far.

- Agent Jean Stewart, thanks for giving a social reject such great discounts. I am now all over All State. The dancing is pretty Colin-esque.

- It is here.

6:42 UW 30, UConn 26
Another missed call against Roy, but we get another offensive rebound! Take that, size advantage! Technical on Calhoun, who's probably trying to fire his team up a bit.

5:14 UW 36, UConn 29
Jamaal Williams needs to stop traveling. That's at least two. That turnover leads to that stupid three by Brown, but WHAT a response by Joel Smith, with maybe his best play of the year drawing the and-one. That gives us a seven point lead while having taken only five threes, making only two. We are taking it right at the Huskies.

3:21 UW 40, UConn 30
Terrific defense by Brandon Roy. Marcus Williams thought he could take him off the dribble. Roy quickly abused him of that notion. Then he goes back and takes an amazing steal for the dunk! Wow! Go Dawgs! It's only some sketchy officiating giving UConn all these free throws keeping them within spitting distance.

- FreeCreditReport with enrollment in Triple Advantage? Wouldn't that mean Sort-ofFreeCreditReport?

- I'm a business traveler. If I was asked to help design a hotel, I'd add a McDonald's.

1:49 UW 42, UConn 37
The refs are not doing very well right now. I strenuously disagree with their asinine decisions.

1:14 UW 45, UConn 38
Bobby Jones actually hits a trey! Alright! And then they actually call a foul on UConn!

Halftime UW 45, UConn 40
And... the refs blow a 10 second call and get Bobby Jones with his second. Shoot. Then they blow another foul call and let UConn shoot more. Nuts. Last chance for the half... and Appleby essentially doesn't know how much time is left. He sure is dumb sometimes. Still, we lead at the half!

Key Stats: UConn has 21 free throw attempts, we have 7. Of course, they've only made 12.
3 pt shooting: UConn is 6-9 which is ridiculous. We are 3-10. I repeat, we are winning while these past two statistics are there.
Rebounding: UConn has 3 offensive rebounds, 17 total. We have 5 offensive rebounds, 13 total. This is insane.
Turnovers: We have 6, they have 13. This is the defense I've been talking about.

Overall, our defensive intensity has offset the free throw and three point advantage and has negated the size problems. Roy has a quiet 11. We need him to take over the second half so we can skate to the Elite Eight. All you can ask for is to be close at half to win the game. That's what we have...

18:24 UW 49, UConn 40
We start off pretty well, Roy bucket, defensive turnover, but stupid offensive foul on Bobby Jones. Saw it coming from fifteen feet. Pull up, Bobby, that's three. Roy again! Make him the guy! And then good steal by Jensen and foul to put Brockman to the line!

16:18 UW 51, UConn 43
Appleby has another boneheaded play, a double dribble. He needs to get his head in the game. Another no call on a Roy drive. Apparently Roy needs to lose a limb to get a call.

- Good news. I don't have DirectTV. Seriously, why would one need HBO, Starz and Cinemax? How many freaking movie channels do you need?

15:26 UW 51, UConn 43
We have missed seven shots in a row but have maintained our lead through our defense. That's good news from a dry spell. The shots will fall. Only three points for UConn in the first five minutes.

15:05 UW 53, UConn 43
Terrific penetration by Dentmon drawing the and-one! Man, has he been solid.

13:48 UW 53, UConn 45
Awful two misses by Roy on lay-ins. Still, turnover after turnover after turnover. Is this just great defense or is UConn that bad at holding the ball? 23 turnovers. That is insane. Of course, we've now had two bad turnovers in a row ourselves to let UConn back in it. The double technical gets four fouls on Roy. Man, that is awful. The officials have definitely not been good this game. Game changing call.

12:50 UW 53, UConn 50
Seven team fouls already on UW. Stupid refs. Offense already looks really out of sync without Roy. Then we give up another three. We need to stop the bleeding now.

11:28 UW 57, UConn 57
UConn cannot miss threes. 8-11. Nuts. And then another stupid foul gets four on Brockman. The ensuing free throws tie the game. We shouldn't panic. The game is still very winnable. UConn is too good a team not to have a run like this. You have to just withstand it. Our composure sure does seem threatened with yet another traveling violation.

9:20 UW 62, UConn 61
UConn missed a three? Are you kidding me? Great three by Appleby and good offense slowing down the game to get Roy back in. UConn takes the lead on a good inside feed. We are still in it. Again, do not panic. Jones didn't on the put back. Can we survive till the 8 minute mark and probably seeing Roy again?

8:25 UW 64, UConn 63
Again, this is all about survival. We are surviving without Roy.

7:45 UW 64, UConn 64
8 minute break keeping the tie in place. This has basically been a treading-water part of the game for UW and they are doing the job. Kudos to this team. Romar can keep Roy out for a couple minutes longer if he so chooses... maybe until the five minute mark.

5:30 UW 70, UConn 66
Roy is back in now, maybe a little earlier than I'd like. They have been showing the Florida-Georgetown game now, which means we get to stare at the upper left screen as the clock counts down. Get job by Williams on the offensive glass! Four point lead!

4:55 UW 71, UConn 68
Good job by Roy getting to the basket and the refs actually called a foul! Still, Roy needs to actually make these, for crying out loud.

Clock watching... clock watching...

3:56 UW 73, UConn 72
We have survived to the four minute timeout. Again, this is exactly where you want to be for an upset. Just give yourself a chance. Let Roy take the game over from here.

Shout out to Crushed Optimist Nate Acheson watching the game from the darker reaches of Kazakhstan.

2:51 UW 75, UConn 72
Roy has missed some cruical free throws down the line here. Finally another turnover. About time. Our ball after the timeout. Let's play some contained smart basketball, wind this puppy down.

1:21 UW 78, UConn 72
First possession was not contained smart basketball. The second possession is a Jamaal Williams THREE POINTER!! Come on "D"!

1:16 UW 78, UConn 73
Bobby Jones has now fouled out. We actually got a little lucky with all these guys with four fouls that it lasted this long. It also put Josh Boone at the line, who can't hit free throws.

21.2 UW 78, UConn 76
Cannot let Rashad Anderson that open. Come on Dentmon!

21.2 UW 80, UConn 76

11.2 UW 80, UConn 79
Stupid Jensen. If that's the end of his career, it's fitting.

7.9 UW 82, UConn 79
Friendly bounce on the first. Right on the second.

End of regulation UW 82, UConn 82
What a three. Oh my gosh.

2:41 UW 86, UConn 86
Hard foul on Dentmon. Not like that's a surprise. Enter Brandon Burmeister. Whatever.

1:33 UW 87, UConn 88
ANOTHER awful call. That would be called goaltending ref.

51.4 UW 89, UConn 90
One more stop guys...

Crap again. Well, Illinois fans may say we deserved it, but that was an insanely poorly officiated game. Good job Huskies. Thanks for a great season.

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At 8:20 PM, Blogger nach said...

Sweet game so far, even if all I get to see is tiny numbers changing on a laptop.

At 8:43 PM, Blogger nach said...

Minus the 3's, Ucon is only shooting 40%! Go defense!

At 9:32 PM, Blogger nach said...

This is usually where things fall apart, but what the hell, let's stay optimistic. Maybe a miraculous three to win.

At 9:34 PM, Blogger nach said...

C'mon! C'mon! D'vay! D'vay!


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