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Saturday, March 18, 2006

NCAA Tournament: UW vs Illinois Live Blog

I actually just remembered that I was supposed to do this, so I apologize for its tardiness. CBS up here were morons and didn't switch to this game for the first five minutes of it anyways. Would I rather watch Wichita State or the Dawgs???

9:15 Wash 21, Ill 11
The Huskies are playing terrific defense right now and the Illini are showing their youth. Justin Dentmon is playing with confidence, same with Brandon Roy and Ryan Appleby. We need to continue to use our athleticism correctly.

8:20 Wash 22, Ill 11
Our interior defense has been so solid that we are continuing to draw offensive fouls. Three on one post player, two on Augustine.

7:33 Wash 22, Ill 11
At the 8 minute commercial break. Roy will shoot two afterwards. We continue to be the aggressors. CBS isn't going to commercial, leading to a couple odd exchanges by the announcers. I'm pretty sure they don't know they're on, right now they're discussing they would like to listen to the Wichita St game. I'm getting the live update from Colin, who is apparently giving birth to a child from his level of excitement. CBS has done this a few times, and have overall displayed a rather ad hoc control of this tournament, as opposed to the others. They actually just commented on the Wichita St game, saying "it's over" before finally thinking they're back on the air. Both the Montana/BC and LSU/Tx games should be good.

7:01 Wash 23, Ill 11
The Illini have been scoreless for 5 and a half minutes, largely due to Bobby Jones on Dee Brown and Jon Brockman on James Augustine.

6:29 Wash 23, Ill 12
Twice they've said they're "going back to New York" and nothing's happened. Go CBS! Brockman has three fouls? Dang! Tennessee keeps hitting threes too, annoying both Colin and myself. Dee Brown has been reduced to winging up threes. Nice.

5:00 Wash 25, Ill 14
Illinois just is throwing up threes. That's it. Our defense is just that good, and without pressing too far out, giving up stupid fouls.

4:46 Wash 27, Ill 14
Another turnover! Would have been nice if Jamaal Williams would have converted the shot, since he can't shoot free throws.

3:55 Wash 28, Ill 14
Another turnover! Man, our defense has been solid. And good job Wichita State! One out of three upsets I picked today goes down... if UW-Milwaukee hadn't turned into a Div III team maybe I would have had two. In the meantime, my new puppy Rogue has decided that spending two minutes circling Jeff Sawatzky looking for a bone is a good idea.

2:55 Wash 30, Ill 19
Brandon Roy gets a blocking foul, arriving just too late for the charge. Jamaal Williams has two fouls. Need to tone that down on the defensive end. Still, Roy is so smooth on the offense. If he stays out of foul trouble, we have a chance to win each game.

2:17 Wash 32, Ill 23
Out of Illinois' starters, the two forwards have three fouls, and Augustine has two. Still, we're about to allow ANOTHER three point play. For crying out loud, that's ridiculous.

End of Half Wash 35, Ill 33
Good first half, defense started to get lax at the end. At least one AWFUL blocking call on B-Roy. Need to just maintain and we can definitely win this one.

17:46 Wash 35, Ill 37
Mike Jensen continues to suck and we continue to miss lay-ins. It sure would be nice if we could make lay-ins. 23-7 run. Come on, Dawgs.

15:45 Wash 37, Ill 45
We cannot buy a bucket. Mike Jensen cannot defend. This is nothing but bad news all around.

14:46 Wash 39, Ill 47
We finally have something go our way. Still have to do something about James Augustine, who can do no wrong right now. Get his third foul already. We just cannot make lay-ins!

12:59 Wash 42, Ill 51
More lay-ins. Porous defense. Optimism slowly fading...

11:36 Wash 42, Ill 53
Maybe if I take a blogging break stuff will go better...

4:12 Wash 58, Ill 60
Apparently the blogging break was a good idea. I'm pretty darn superstitious, so I'm going to keep with it. We need Brandon Roy to get under control and start taking over. Make foul shots when we have opportunities and don't let Augustine or Brown have open looks. If we can, we can win this.

Final Wash 67, Ill 64
I cannot believe we won that game! We finally started hitting some free throws, even if Bobby Jones missed that last one. Big kudos to Jamaal Williams, who played perhaps his best defensive game of the season. Not only did he get the turnover that started to seal it, but his defense on Dee Brown forced him to receive the ball in the backcourt and take a contested three that had little chance of going in. To all Illinois fans: yes, the refs were not great. However, your team failed to press its advantage inside. Where did Augustine go the last ten minutes? Where was Dee Brown when they needed dribble penetration? Your team got super cold and the Huskies capitalized. Brandon Roy didn't have a great game. He was pretty much out of control for much of the second half. LVPs Ryan Appleby and Mike Jensen (I hate Jensen so much) did their part to give Illinois chance after chance. MVP runner up goes to Jamaal Williams, for the all around game we have been waiting for most of the year. Still, the MVP goes to Bobby Jones for a terrific defensive game, and avoiding the type of foul problems that generally plague him. He was flat out terrific. Now, if he could only hit a three...

On to the Sweet Sixteen and a potential date with UConn!

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