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Wednesday, March 15, 2006

NCAA Tournament Preview: D.C. and Minneapolis Regions

Alright, now, what are my horrible predictions for the other two regions? Let's find out....


(1) UConn vs. (16) Albany: Ummmm, nothing to watch here. Moving onward....

(8) Kentucky vs. (9) UAB: This might be an interesting matchup, since UAB still has several players left from the team that knocked out (1) seed Kentucky two years ago. Since then, Kentucky has somewhat floundered, needing name recognition to make the tourney this year. Still, you have to think that Tubby has one win in him before losing to UConn in the second round.

(5) Washington vs. (12) Utah State: Washington should have had that #4 seed, but a bad loss to Oregon landed the Huskies with upcoming games against Illinois and UConn if they can beat Utah State. They can.

(4) Illinois vs. (13) Air Force: How did Air Force get in this tourney, anyways? Does anyone actually believe that they are better than Cincinnati or even Stanford? Illinois should romp easily through this matchup.

(6) Michigan St. vs. (11) George Mason: Still no upsets, but I certainly can't pick a senior-laden squad led by Tom Izzo to lose in the first round. Expect Ager and Co. to have several big games left in them for one final run in the tourney.

(3) UNC vs. (14) Murray State: Roy Williams has done a heck of a job with this bunch, but a #3 seed seems a tad high for a team of youngsters. I expect them to lose to Michigan State in the second round.

(7) Wichita State vs. (10) Seton Hall: Two teams with zero name recognition and subpar talent levels who somehow still get invited to the Dance. Don't care..... so Wichita State.

(2) Tennessee vs. (15) Winthrop: Tennessee getting a #2 seed was an absolute joke, so I will have them losing in the second round to whomever just as a protest pick. You simply don't lose 7 games and get a #2 seed. That's ridiculous. That was Gonzaga's rightful place.

First-round winners: UConn, Kentucky, Washington, Illinois, Michigan State, UNC, Wichita State, Tennessee (ZERO UPSETS)

Dark Horse Team: Michigan State. Having that team as a six seed is extremely dangerous if you are Tennessee or UConn.

Most Disappointing Team: Kentucky, just because they are never supposed to be an 8 seed and lose in either the 1st or 2nd round.

Pac-10 Team: UW, who will lose to either Illinois or UConn. No way they get both those wins even if Brandon Roy goes absolutely off.

Probable Final Four Team: UConn. I really don't see anyone in this bracket who can beat them.
Other Possibilities: Michigan State, Illinois

Minneapolis Bracket:
(1) Villanova vs. (16) Monmouth: Yawn.

(8) Arizona vs. (9) Wisconsin: Yawn. Wisconsin might be the single most boring NCAA team of all time, while Arizona might be the single most disappointing team of Lute's storied career.

(5) Nevada vs. (12) Montana: Does anyone care about a game in which a team from Nevada plays a team from Montana? Anyone?

(4) Boston College vs. (13) Pacific: Pacific was better last year, while Boston College, after a rough start, might be even better then last year. I expect big things from them.

(6) Oklahoma vs. (11) UW-Milwaukee: Can Kevin Bookout lift the Sooners to new heights? Probably not, while UW-Milwaukee, the Cinderella story of last year, looks to renew that title for another year. They probably can.

(3) Florida vs. (14) S Alabama: Another yawn. Wake me when Florida's gone.

(7) Georgetown vs. (10) Southern Iowa: These are two pretty good teams. Georgetown beat Duke in a great game, while Soutern Iowa has beaten a couple great teams this year. Whoever wins here will have a more than good chance of knocking off Ohio State.

(2) Ohio St. vs. (15) Davidson: Another #2 seed that is worse than Gonzaga. Great.

First-round winners: Villanova, Wisconsin, Nevada, Boston College, UW-Milwaukee, Florida, Georgetown, Ohio St.

Dark Horse Team: Georgetown, with some bonus love to UW-Milwaukee. Two good teams that can beat a lot of great teams on a given night.

Pac-10 Team: Arizona, probable loser in Game 1 to Wisconsin. This team had too much talent to end up like this.

Probable Final-Four Team: Boston College. This team is peaking at the right moment, and should be able to handle Villanova, who launches too many 3-pointers for my liking. That is bound to let you down in the tourney when you start to get tired from the pressure and hype.
Other possibilities: Villanova, Florida, Georgetown.

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