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Monday, March 13, 2006

NCAA Tournament Prelim Thoughts

Author's Note: Colin was supposed to add to this yesterday and apparently would rather play with his dog and work on Knights of the Republic II on his computer. Suffice it to say... really weak.

This will definitely be an interesting NCAA Tournament. Duke is probably the weakest top #1 seed since they started reseeding in that way. Any #1 could easily miss the Final Four. Here, then, is the Crushed Optimists' "First Thoughts" about this tournament.

Atlanta Region (Duke #1 seed)
- George Washington got stiffed as a #8 seed. The Colonials had two losses! Two! They beat Maryland and only lost to NC State away. This will be a very dangerous team for Duke in the second round... I have them winning in one of my brackets.

- Syracuse has to be one of the weaker #5 seeds in recent memory. Just because you get hot during the Big East tournament doesn't excuse the awful three game losing skid you were on before it. They will not go far, and are as good a bet as any for one of the 5-12 upsets that always happen.

- The LSU Tigers are good. They are actually the best team out of the SEC. Even though Iona is a good squad, LSU should beat them and go far.

- Why would West Virginia be a #6 seed and Syracuse a #5? The Mountaneers are too good for that.

- California won't be able to get far. Either WV or Texas will see to that.

Oakland Region (Memphis #1 seed)
- Watch out for Bucknell at that #9 seed... they have most of their starters back from the team that beat Kansas and played some darn good non conference games, including wins at Syracuse and against Depaul and St. Joe's. With their experience they could give that young Memphis squad a run for their money in the second round.

- The winner of Pitt-Kansas will be a tough matchup for Memphis as well. I like Pitt a little better, as Kansas has far too many freshmen.

- I wasn't going to pick Gonzaga to go far, but they have far too many weak teams in their portion of the bracket. They have the disrespect card by not being a 2 seed, get to play the first weekend in Salt Lake City, and have Adam Morrison. When Indiana (what?) is the 6 seed and UCLA (a little too high) is the 2 seed, you could easily make the regional final.

Minneapolis Region (Villanova #1 seed)
- I would call this the most difficult bracket in the tournament. #1-#6 are excellent teams. Villanova is still the best, but they could use some help from some sleepers.

- I liked Arizona as a sleeper before the tournament, if Radenovic is playing well they have the inside-outside game that bodes well for wins. However, an 8 seed is a tough draw.

- That Boston College-Nevada game will be darn good. I would pick Boston College as the regional winner if I felt better about their outside shooting. Craig Smith is a bonafide star... if the Sonics quit winning games he would fit really well with us.

- Wisc-Milwaukee is my one sleeper pick in this bracket because the top seeds are all so strong. They have a lot of recent tourney experience and could use it in their favor. Oklahoma has been a bit of a disappointment this year. It will be an interesting first round game.

- Ohio St is good, but are they #2 seed good? I watched the Big 10 championship today and was thoroughly unimpressed. I would be surprised if they reached the regional finals.

Washington DC Region (Connecticut #1 seed)
- The one team I didn't want to be in the same region was Connecticut. Thanks a lot tourney seeders. The Huskies also get Illinois as a possible second round matchup. Could it get any tougher than Illinois-Connecticut? Man...

- I don't know how the heck Kentucky made it in, but I do know how quickly they'll make it out.

- Michigan St against North Carolina is a terrific second round matchup. I give the edge to Michigan St's experience. Remember, last year they sputtered entering the tourney and then made a run. North Carolina is still a year away.

- Tennessee is another bad #2 seed. Feel free to pick an early upset.

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