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Friday, March 17, 2006

NCAA Tournament: Day 1 Review - Day 3 Preview

I have to gloat just a little bit about how Day 1 turned out. I picked all but two games correctly, one of my better first day showings. Today will probably not turn out as well, but it's fun while it lasts!

Day 1:
(10) Seton Hall 66, (7) Wichita St 86: And the Big East begins to show why it was so incredibly overrated. Take that, Billy Packer! I was actually able to watch a lot of this game during a seminar I was giving and Seton Hall was really outmatched.

(11) Wisc Milwaukee 82, (6) Oklahoma 74: The first upset of the tournament and one I predicted. UW-Milwaukee had too much tourney experience to be an underdog to a disappointing Oklahoma squad.

(13) Pacific 76, (4) BC 88 2OT: Boston College was tired. They escaped. Don't read into it too much. Still, unless the Eagles can hit a deep shot they are going to have a lot of close games.

(14) So Alabama 50, (3) Florida 76: Close at halftime.

(10) Alabama 90, (7) Marquette 85: Second upset I picked. Alabama might be the best team out of the SEC. 10 was too high of a seed for them. Of course, it doesn't hurt it you can't miss a three.

(15) Winthrop 61, (2) Tennessee 63: Any doubts I had as to whether or not Tennessee was overrated were quickly put to rest. Winthrop was not a great team.

(12) Montana 87, (5) Nevada 79: I still can't believe this one. Montana? What? At this point I really wasn't concerned about Utah St.

(15) Belmont 44, (2) UCLA 78: Good showing for the Pac-10 there.

(9) NC Wilmington 85, GW 88 OT: Terrific game. Now that GW has a game with Pops Mensu under there belt, look for them to really give Duke a run for their money.

(13) Iona 64, (4) LSU 80: My first final four team to play cruises.

(14) Xavier 75, (3) Gonzaga 79: My second final four team barely survives in a game they should have lost. When will Gonzaga ever play to their potential? At least Morrison finally played like a star in the tourney, unlike Dan Dickau/Blake Stepp/Ronny Turiaf.

(13) Air Force 69, (4) Illinois 78: Illinois is a good team. Air Force shouldn't have been in the tournament. This was not much of a surprise.

(11) SD St 83, (6) Indiana 87: I picked this upset and am still mad Indiana made that last run. They suck. Gonzaga should beat them by twenty.

(16) Southern 54, (1) Duke 70: #16 seeds are generally bad. This was no exception.

(12) Texas AM 66, (5) Syracuse 58: This might have been the most satisfying game of the first round for me. Not only did I pick this, but Syracuse was so incredibly overrated. A five seed? You have to be kidding me.

(12) Utah St 61, (5) Washington 75: Unfortunately I was on a plane and couldn't see this, but apparently Brandon Roy has shown up to play. If he does that against Illinois...

Round 2 Preview:

(8) George Washington vs (1) Duke: I honestly think GW can win this... IF their star can play well. In fact, I have the upset in my bracket...

(11) UW-Milwaukee vs (3) Florida: In every tournament, there's at least one mid major that reaches the sweet sixteen. I think it will be UW-Milwaukee.

(7) Wichita St vs (2) Tennessee: You know what I think of the Volunteers. Third upset in a row.

(5) Washington vs (4) Illinois: Should be a great game. If Brandon Roy wins the battle with Dee Brown we win. We will need Bobby Jones to show up defensively, same with Jon Brockman vs James Augustine.

(12) Montana vs (4) BC: Boston College should have no problems with the Grizzlies. Could be a blowout.

(12) Texas AM vs (4) LSU: This could also be a good game, as Texas AM has a lot of confidence stretching back into the regular season. Still, I don't know if they have any answer for LSU's inside game.

(10) Alabama vs (2) UCLA: I don't think Alabama can be as hot as they were against UCLA's defense.

(6) Indiana vs (3) Gonzaga: If the Bulldogs lose to Indiana I will probably go berserk. It will not be pretty.

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