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Thursday, March 16, 2006

Live Blog: Gonzaga vs. Xavier

All right, it's go time for Washington state teams here in the 2006 NCAA tournament. Can Gonzaga finally return to its winning ways in the tourney, or will they suffer another ignomius defeat?

1st Half:

-- Opening bucket by Batista. Good, hopefully his injury from the WCC final is behind him.

-- And then there is a 3 pointer from Xavier. Man, Gonzaga seems to give those up in spades.

-- Why is Cespides starting? Did I miss the game where he started to be actually good?

-- And a first miss by Morrison. One of the underlying stories of today will be how Morrison responds to the tourney. Gonzaga stars have been prone to fade under the bright lights, from Dickau to Stepp to Turiaf. All decided to suck when the Zags needed them. Morrison is gifted enough to break that streak, but it remains to be seen if they will.

-- 3 by Raivio! Excellent, that guy has had a sub-par year by his standards, so hopefully he actually improves as the tournament goes along.

-- By the way, so far Gavin has missed one game (Montana over Nevada), and I have missed two (Montana plus Marquette losing to Alabama, which I should have picked). This round? I haven't picked any upsets here, and UCLA is proving me right so far, which is good.

-- Wow. That moustache. I'm still not quite used to how white-trash that sucker is. Of course, this is coming from the guy who has yet to take a shower today since I have been watching basketball for umpteen hours straight. Plus I have had a puppy rolling all over me, so I'm sure I smell like fresh mint and pine.

-- First timeout: 15:19 left, Gonzaga 9, Xavier 5. Good start, the Zags are looking well in their offensive sets, and Xavier can only shoot 3s; they have no inside game. But can this continue?

-- Nice look by Morrison. He has had a couple excellent passes early on, which is great to see, since Gonzaga struggles when they become the Morrison show.

-- I see that "The Unit" is now the #1 new drama. What else is even in that category? What other new dramas have come out in the past month? I really don't know, but I'm sure it's better than that jump shot by Knight. Man, I remember when he was supposed to be the next big thing at Gonzaga. What a disappointment offensively he has been. Sure, he's a great energy guy and a good defender, but the man has an atrocious looking jump shot.

-- Morrison is dispelling my early fears with a terrific start, though he ight have taken one too many shots for my taste.

-- While I work through this commercial break (Gonzaga 16, Xavier 10), Xavier has only made 2/13 shots, and they are only down by 6. This is just like Gonzaga, to let any team they are playing stick around longer than they should.

-- The Zags are playing some excellent defense. I remember those years when they were the team that was expected to make some early turnovers due to nerves. Now they are the poised veteran team that causes those turnovers. Unbelievable.

-- Will I be watching that movie with Denzel Washington, Jodie Foster, and Clive Owen? Answer: Is the Pope Catholic? Speaking of the Pope, anyone hear about Isaac Hayes quitting South Park (voice of Chef) because of the Scientology episode broadcast last year? He says he can't support something that disrespects other's religious beliefs. This from a man who didn't raise a peep during the multiple episodes making fun of Christianity, Judaism, Mormonism, etc. What a moron. Then Comedy Central dropped a scheduled repeat of that episode due to pressure from Tom Cruise. Trey and Matt must be beside themselves and ready to go at both Isaac Hayes and Comedy Central. New episodes next week!

-- Wow. UCLA is whupping up now, which is good, because I picked them to go far in this tournament. And.... ouch, crap foul on Batista. Those hurt, and Xavier is still only down by four.

-- And Gonzaga is only up by 2. Geez, stop giving up the offensive rebounds, Morrison! That's my one question mark of Morrison going into the NBA. Sure, he can shoot, but is he a complete player? Of course, it's the NBA, so all you need to do is score and jaw off to the officials, so he'll be fine.

-- Shoot. Morrison didn't try to pass the ball, inevitable turnover.... Xavier has multiple chances to take the lead. Morrison HAS to pass the ball in those situations, because, all of a sudden, the Zags are losing. To Xavier.

-- Boy, another turnover. We're lucky that Knight got that steal, only down by 1. This is a bad stretch, we need to get past this and get to the comfortable place we were at again.

-- Defense, anyone? Xavier 27, Gonzaga 23, another full timeout coming. Wow, I don't like how this one is turning out. Not. At. All. The momentum seems to be fully on the Xavier side; they are hitting all the big shots.

-- Well, finally some fouls are happening against Xavier. Gonzaga needs to realize that this is not a deep team, and they need to start taking it to the hole.

-- Man, another 3 by Xavier! What is this! Plus a steal! Xavier 33, Gonzaga 24. Ummm, Mark Few? Now would be the time to do something cool, because your players look stunned right now.

-- I take stuff back. Now is the time for Morrison to try and take over, which he just did that possesion. More of that, please.

-- Wow, Xavier missed a shot? Excellent, plus Morrison hits a 3. All of a sudden, they are only down by 4, 33-29, another timeout coming up. Goody. Time for more Pontiac commericals with bright, flashing lights for cars that I really wouldn't dream of buying. But, wait! The cars are.... on a basketball court! HAHAHAHAHAHA! Yes, because I always think of basketball and Pontiacs at the same time. Good job, Madison Avenue. Thanks for playing. Oh, and this, "You're a changed man," commerical from the Army? It also made me laugh. You're telling me this idiot never shook his father's hand while looking him in the eye? Where was he looking? Hmmm? The father's craggy jowls or his man-breasts?

-- Hey, finally! Good defense and a good break finished by Batista! Lead is down to 2! However, a cheap foul is called on Raivio, and Xavier, who can't miss from the free-throw line, makes both.

-- Man, Morrison needs to make his free-throws, because Lord knows Xavier is. They just made another, and have made 12-15 for the half.

-- Knight just missed an easy tip-in. Again, what does he bring to the table exactly? Anyone?

Halftime: Xavier 39, Gonzaga 36. That actually could have been a little worse. Xavier had a huge hot streak, plus they can't miss from the line. Gonzaga needs to calm down, do their offensive sets, and try to clamp down on defense, even though that is not their specialty. Looking at the other games, my prediction of George Washington is looking terrible, though LSU has come back to take the lead against Iona. Man, I love today!

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