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Thursday, March 23, 2006

Live Blog: Gonzaga vs. UCLA

Well, now, sorry for being late, but Gavin, Bekah, the wife, and myself were playing a board game instead of watching the end of Bradley/Memphis. Hopefully I didn't miss much; it doesn't appear so.

1st Half:
14 minute mark: Gonzaga 11, UCLA 5

-- It appears that foul trouble is already marking this game, as Heytvaldt already has 3 fouls

-- What a horrible alley-oop attempt by Farmar. I've seen better passes from my middle school teachers in the annual Students vs. Teachers game, where all the jocks would go up against the best that Icicle River Middle School had to offer. One year I didn't realize that only the good players were in that game, and I went down to join the action. No one actually told me that I wasn't supposed to be there, and I didn't find out until after the game that I had screwed up. Ah well.

-- Pendergraft makes a basket, and Pargo adds another for a 15-5 lead. This game is playing out exactly how I thought it would so far. Bad shooting by UCLA plus sub-par play by Farmar leading to turnovers and easy buckets for the Zags.

-- Raivio is actually carving UCLA up, which is good to see after that terrible performance last week. Remember, this guy looked remarkable last season. It's not like that talent could have all disappeared.

-- Another foul on Pendergraft, who is actually getting to the free-throw line instead of being the fouler. Of course, he misses the front end of a 1-and-1, which sucks, but I like the energy displayed by him. And as I write that, there he goes fouling Bozeman. Man, that man draws fouls the way Gavin draws Big Mac's.

-- "Is it true you do more brakes than anyone?" "Oh, those are Fred's old brakes." And my life begins to wither away....

-- Looks like UCLA scored, but we wouldn't know that because we had fun watching a few meaningless seconds of West Virginia/Texas. As Gavin says, there must be a team of monkeys working at CBS, randomly flipping from game to game.


-- Where is Morrison? Why isn't he getting the basketball? Why are the Zags only up now by 6? Why did Morrison finally get the ball and then lose it? Blah blah blah blah blah?

-- There's Morrison hitting the runner. Good, get him involved. He only has 4 points at the 10 minute mark of the half.

-- Good move by Knight, for once, but he still can't finish the easy lay-in. Fortunately Batista is there to grab the follow and get to the line.

-- Horrible 3-point attempt by Knight. Fortunately Raivio is there to hit the jumper, and the Zags have a nice 24-12 lead. UCLA is 2/13 from the field so far. And I am laughing.

-- If UCLA wasn't hitting their free-throws, this game would be almost out of reach. As it is, Batista is playing extremely well, stretching the lead to 13.

-- 2/15 from the field for UCLA. Still laughing.

-- There's Morrison, again curling off the screen, allowing him to hit the running jumper, and Batista follows with a baby hook-shot, Zags up 31-16. They are hitting on all cylinders. Next up... not allowing the Bruins to go on a run before the half. There's 6:42 left.

-- Well, Hollins is playing well for UCLA, but there is Morrison again. Man, whenever UCLA scores, Gonzaga immediately goes down and answers.

-- 5:49 in the 1st Half. 1st mention of Morrison being a diabetic. I was wondering how long it would take.

--Excuse me. My dog is climbing my back for some odd reason. So.... Morrison is good, huh?

-- Another break, Zags up 35-20, which is pretty awesome. Commercial break: crappy commercial for Subaru, followed by that GODAWFUL APPLEBEE'S COMMERCIAL. I HAVE BANNED MYSELF FROM EATING THERE UNTIL THAT SUCKER IS OFF THE AIR. Then there is that stupid Coke Zero, where the guy gets shot with a dart by a Coke executive. I love CBS!

-- UCLA: 5/23 from the field. Still laughint.

-- Morrison is a little too intense for my liking sometimes. Can you imagine him on a first date?

-- Batista is establishing EXCELLENT position down in the paint, where he can easily finish with that jump hook he has perfected.

-- A nice couple of plays by Farmar, finally, hitting a 3 and driving into the paint. Too bad they're still down by 15. 13 at the half.

Halftime: Gonzaga 42, UCLA 29. Just like usual, UCLA scores about 30 points in a half. It's just that this time they are playing a team that scores about 40 points in a half, and so their offensive problems are magnified. As for Gonzaga, that was about as perfect a half as they could have hoped for. Morrison and Batista were amazing, with timely support by Raivio and Pendergraft. Boy, if they even play at 75% of that kind of quality play, they will be good to go!

Commercial of the Half: "Good news, I got promoted." "Good news, I got DirectTV." Hilarious. Seriously, give those marketing genuises a promotion, because it's totally true. I would much prefer DirectTV then a raise, promotion, and regular meetings with the CEO. That is soooooo true.

-- I can apply for NCAA Women's Tourney tickets online? Why am I just hearing about this?

2nd Half:

-- OK, go time. Gonzaga can NOT allow UCLA to go on a run to begin the half.

-- And what did they do? They allowed UCLA to go on a run to begin the half. Excellent, as the lead drops to 9. Mark Few calls the immediate timeout, which is a good call.

-- Good job by the Zags stopping this run by putting it inside to the big man. Batista has been CLUTCH this tourney so far.

-- Boy, Raivio is playing terribly again. C'mon, boy, get it in gear!

-- Batistia AGAIN! Man, when the Zags need a bucket, that is the man. Gonzaga up by 10 with 16 minutes left.

-- UCLA is within 6 due to Raivio's poor play. He needs to be taken out immediately. Seriously.

-- Hey, a Coach K commercial! Now, the only time we will see him during the rest of the tournament. Serves him right.

-- MORRISON!! FOULED AS HE MADE THE THREE! There we go, get to the clutch player, which also gives Afflalo his 4th foul. Excellent.... Back to a 10 point lead with 15:20 left.

-- Hey, they did take Raivio out! Wow, my advice was followed by Coach Few telepathically!

-- I have to say, UCLA plays fantastic transition defense. If they could only shoot better.....

-- 13:09 left. Gonzaga 51, UCLA 43. The Zags are beginning to give this game away, but Morrison and Batista need to get even more touches at the offensive end.

-- And there is Batista to stretch the lead back to 10. Keep feeding him the basketball. Then Morrison follows with a fast break! YES!

-- Only 9 turnovers so far by UCLA? Wow, I thought they had done more than that.

-- 12 minute mark finds Gonzaga back up by 12. They withstood the opening run by UCLA to start out the half. That might bode well for this game....

-- Quick 3 by Afflalo coming out of the break. He has 4 fouls, so it would be really nice to get that 5th on him before he gets hot.

-- Cheap, cheap foul on the 3 point attempt by Cespedes. Don't follow there, that's ridiculous.

-- Looks like we get Texas/West Virginia until that game is over. Shoot, back later.

-- What a finish in that game! Still, good to be back at the 6 minute mark, Gonzaga up by 10.

-- Man, lead down to 7 at the 5 minute mark due to a 3 by Farmar. Shoot, let's not let that continue....

-- The announcers are talking bad about how the refs are giving the game to the Zags. Sure, dudes. Sure. Um, that foul there was supposedly against Batista? Nope. Man, these announcers are whining like a Seahawks fan!

-- These minutes are going by SO SLOWLY! 3:13 left, Gonzaga 71, UCLA 64.

-- Pargo, just catch the ball, alright?

-- 2:09, Zags lead down to 5.

-- They waved off that basket? OK, even I have to call "Shenanigans" on that one. That basket should have counted, and Batista should have kicked the ball back out instead of throwing up a prayer.

-- 1:01, Zags lead still 5, UCLA ball.

-- Crap.

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