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Saturday, March 18, 2006

Live Blog: Gonzaga vs. Indiana

Well, hopefully this live blog isn't eaten by Blogger like last time. Yes, I did blog some during the 2nd half, but it has yet to be seen by human eyes. I probably said something against national security or referenced Scientology in some way. Stupid Tom Cruise bleeping out our blog.

It also will be hard to top that UW game. Makes me mad that I didn't actually pick them. Be honest. Did you think this was a team that could beat Illinois after losing to Oregon big-time in the Pac-10 tournament? Come on now. But that was a fantastic final ten minutes, especially by Bobby Jones and Justin Dentmon (of course Roy as well). Now let's just improve some at the free-throw line for next week, shall we?

As for Gonzaga, Indiana is a better team then Xavier, and we all know how that game almost didn't go the Zags way. Derek Raivio will actually have to remember that he used to be a good player, because he S-U-C-K sucked last game. Same with Cespedes, same with Knight, same with Mallon, same with Pendergraft, same with Heytvalt. Basically, same with the rest of the team besides Morrison and Batista. Well, play ball!

First Half:

-- Looks like I might not be able to watch the first bit of this game due to LSU/Texas A&M. It literally made me sick to pick A&M against Syracuse, so I'm incredibly thankful to be able to cheer against them in this game. Again, I'm sure all Seahawks fans join me in jeering A&M teams from now until the end of time and space. Hey, Aggies? How's that suit going against the Hawks? Haven't heard much from you since the Super Bowl? Did you fall asleep? Spent too long herding sheep in the country?

-- All right, game is on. I have no idea how the Zags scored their first field goal, and I won't know how because the station magically switched back to the LSU game. Super. Thank you, CBS, station who brought us Shannon Sharpe as a football analyst, giving us the second worst public lisp in the history of broadcasting (winner: Mike Tyson). And now the Aggies have tied it, making me shake with repressed rage. Sure, I can shake with something that is repressed. You should try it sometime. Oh, and the Coach K Chevy ad. Again. That'll improve my mood super duper fast.

-- 7-4 Gonzaga. My eyes are watching the little scoreboard at the top instead of the game. I'm doing that for you, viewers at home. For you. Maybe I'll make up the play by play in the meantime. 7-7 game as Mike Davis, in a last-ditch attempt to stay at Indiana, dons a jersey and sinks a shot.

-- Wow, and the "Shook my hand and looked me square in the eye" commercial. My favorite.

-- I see that the average age of Aggies fans is about 87. That sounds about right.

-- Other commercial break, another Coach K commercial. Shouldn't the NCAA make some rule about this? Please? I'm begging you?

-- Gonzaga 9-7. Aliens broke out of Cespedes and became the new point guard for the Zags, immediately scoring a lay-in. Also awesome, LSU shoots a last minute three, which means that the 12th Man Texas Style hopefully will be going home to the range.

-- Well, the LSU game is over, but we aren't going anywhere yet. Why is this, CBS? Show Arizona some love! MOVE ON OVER!! GAAAAAAAHHH!!

-- Finally! Gonzaga 13, Indiana 10, but of course they go to a commercial break instead of taking us straight there. I hate you, CBS. No, I can't say that. We've been through too much. But don't cross me again. And, by cross, I mean showing another commercial for that new Julia Louis-Dreyfuss show again. "Where's my underwear?" Answer: "Back at the bar, you **$#%!" (Insert phrase there)

-- Oh, CBS. Ohhhhhh, my. You're showing us the UCLA game? Wow. That is definitely crossing me.

-- Gonzaga 17, Indiana 14. Right now I'm praying for two things. One, that my internet connection will wake up so I can watch the game online. Two, that UCLA will start taking it to Alabama so that we will switch to the Zags game.

-- Well, prayer number one has been answered. Next prayer, that the connection will actually be a good one instead of fritzing out all the time. Not sure if that will happen. So far, no good. A whole lot of buffering.

-- Well, computer is crashing, and so is my heart. That analogy really doesn't work, but I really never met one I didn't like.

-- Hey, an update! Cool! Gonzaga 22, Indiana 16! That was a terrific 30 seconds of my life.

-- Only 1 point for Morrison! Geez, what's going on there? Morrison, remember, you are a ball hog. Just take the shots. Be a Kobe.

-- Good offensive rebound by Mallon. Any production by him is an absolute bonus. He even makes both free throws. Nice job, man!

-- Hopefully Morrison gets a shot to go down soon, because he seems like the type of fellow that would start pressing immediately, and that never goes well. And there he goes. Sure, it's a lay-up, but whatever works. 26-20, Gonzaga.

-- Nice jumper by Raivio. I've decided to also have the college scoreboard working from, so I can see these things even when the video starts being a Gavin.

-- My second and third prayers aren't happening right now. Alabama is staying with UCLA... bad news. And my computer is continually fritzing out with the video.

-- Fortunately, here's another update. Gonzaga 30, Indiana 25. 5 second update. My favorite.

-- 3 fouls on Pendergraft? Wow, for a shorter white dude, that guy picks up fouls like they were made of candy! Could be because he's slower, less athletic, and doesn't shoot well....? (For all Pendergraft fans out there reading this, sorry, I don't mean to be a jerk. Well.... yes I do. It comes from Gavin. His jerkness leaches off on me through this blog. Blame him.)

-- Good news: The video is finally working well. Bad news: It's a Mazda Zoom-Zoom commercial. Another idea that should signal the demise of its creators. Zoom-zoom. Shut up.

-- Energy points by Knight. Now THAT is what he can bring to the table. Gonzaga 32, Indiana 27. This is good. We're winning without Morrison needing to be awesome, and people like Mallon and Knight are providing some quality energy plays. This is good.

-- Mallon scores another field goal! Wow, I might have to give him a compliment! Here it goes..... Mallon, you have not sucked this half. Good boy. Gonzaga 38, Indiana 31.

-- Bad last shot by Raivio, but fortunately Indiana doesn't convert on the other end. Halftime score: Gonzaga 38, Indiana 31. Great job by the little dudes on the Zags, because Morrison has only 5, while Batista has shouldered the load with 12.

-- UCLA has only scored 19 points with 6 minutes left in the half. A classic Ben Howland affair, to be sure.

-- Good news! Jay Bilas has watched "The New Adventures of Old Christine" and says that, "it is really good." Well, if Jay Bilas likes it, it must have great upside.

-- OK, well the missus and I are going to get something to eat. I'll return soon, ready to blog with passion!

2nd Half:

-- Bad shot by Raivio, and a bad foul by Batista. Second Half Gonzaga Basketball! Oh, great, plus the 3 by Strickland. Just great.

-- Shoot, I delay the Subway run for this? Forget this....

-- Well, I'm back, I've eaten, and there is only 8 minutes left. Now THAT is how you live blog, fools! Gonzaga 64, Indiana 55, Sean Mallon has been incredible. I'm eating my words, and they taste like a Subway melt.

-- Nice passing by Morrison, and Batista is playing like a beast. Gonzaga 74, Indiana 63.

-- 3 straight made 3 pointers by Indiana. That needs to end soon here.


-- And Morrison steps UP after the break with the And One. Big players step up in big games. At least, that's what I read on a Nike ad one day. That brings me to a fallsafe statement: I would bet a lot that Adam Morrison was the type of kid who would wear those ridiculous "No Fear" shirts. Just seems like enough of a jerk/jock to go for that line of wear. I once bought a Christian shirt that made fun of those in, like, the 4th grade at a Christian camp. Not my finest moment. It was something like, "I have no fear because I'm a Christian". Yeah. I was/am the man.

-- Good steal by Raivio. About time to do something nice.

-- And he can make free throws! Excellent, I've seen way too many misses today, and he misses the second even as I write this.

-- Hey, they finally missed a 3-pointer! About freaking time....

-- Shot by Morrison. Zags up by 9, 1:18 left.

-- It'll be free throws till the end, but it looks like Gonzaga will, finally, advance to the Sweet 16 after a few years of real disappointment. This means that TWO Washington teams will have advanced this weekend, which is awesome.

Final: Gonzaga 90, Indiana 80. YES!

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