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Friday, March 31, 2006

Late Night Ramblings

I haven't done one of these in awhile, but, once again, I can't sleep, so I figure that my body must be telling me that it's time to do some random blogging about nothing in particular.

Just had my fantasy baseball draft, and got stark raving mad (think the hot-blooded madness of Kurt Russell in "Tombstone", not the cold-blooded madness of Andy Garcia in "Ocean's Twelve") when my computer picked the beginning of the draft to go all ape on me, resulting in getting Pedro Martinez and Chris Carpenter over King Felix and Rich Harden (both of whom went to Gavin, my hated blood-enemy). Needless to say, I've already given up hope in THAT particular league, though I'm sure I'll scour the waiver wires in order to try and find some in-season sensation that will catapult me into the league playoffs. At least I have A-Rod. That wanker will count for something. Other good notes include Josh Beckett, Huston Street, and Francisco Liriano, who just got pulled over for drunk driving (yippee!).

Gavin, on the other hand, has Man-Ram, David Wright, and Joe Nathan. He is going to KICK MY POSTERIOR, to make up, of course, for all the times that my last-place fantasy team beat his second-place fantasy team last year. Good times. OK, you want an actual breakdown for the two of us?

Catcher: Jason Varitek (Colin) vs. Joe Mauer (Gavin)
Quality on both sides, but Mauer has the potential to be big if Gardenhire doesn't screw around with him like last year. Slight Advantage: Gavin

1st Base: Carlos Delgado (Colin) vs. Ryan Howard (Gavin)
Ryan Howard flashed big home-run potential, along with striking out 100 times in 312 ABs. It remains to be seen if we've seen basically how good he's going to get. Slight Advantage: Colin

2nd Base: Tadahito Iguchi (Colin) vs. Rafael Belliard (Gavin)
Yawn. No Advantage.

Shortstop: Jhonny Peralta (Colin) vs. Bobby Crosby (Gavin)
Going into last season, I would have given big props to Gavin for the Crosby pickup, but I actually went out of my way to pick up Peralta, because that boy went absolutely buck-wild last year, while Crosby still needs to prove that he can stay healthy. Slight Advantage: Colin

3rd Base: A-Rod (Colin) vs. David Wright (Gavin)
This would be a significant advantage with A-Rod against basically anybody except Davd Wright. Slight Advantage: Colin

Left Field: Cliff Floyd (Colin) vs. Man-Ram (Gavin)
Floyd is on the decline, and I actually don't really know why I picked him up. He doesn't really DO anything that well, while Man-Ram is fricking awesome. Significant Advantage: Gavin

Center Field: Grady Sizemore (Colin) vs. Brad Wilkerson (Gavin)
I love myself some Sizemore, though Wilkerson could have one killer season taking advantage of Ameriquest Field down in Texas. Slight Advantage: Colin

Right Field: Maggs Ordonez (Colin) vs. Shawn Green (Gavin)
Yawn. No Advantage.

Starting Pitching Rotation (Best 5):
Pedro Martinez, Chris Carpenter, Josh Beckett, Francisco Liriano, and Scott Kazmir (Colin)
Rich Harden, King Felix, Chris Lee, Doug Davis, Ervin Santana (Gavin)
Harden is better than Pedro. Felix is better than Carpenter. Lee has a better chance of collecting better stats than Beckett because Beckett has a nasty habit of getting injured. Significant Advantage: Gavin

Relievers (Best 3):
Huston Street, Bob Wickman, and Todd Jones (Colin)
Joe Nathan, Brian Fuentes, and Tom Gordon (Gavin)
Street and Nathan cancel each other out, but Wickman and Jones are better than Fuentes and Gordon. Slight Advantage: Colin

So.... how does that work out?
Significant Advantage: Gavin 2, Colin 0
Slight Advantage: Colin 5, Gavin 1
No Advantage: 2

So.... if you count those significant advantages as being worth two of my slight advantages (especially the starting rotation, which should be worth 3-4 slight advantages), Gavin is slightly my superior, though maybe not by as much as I initially thought. I just got so pissed about my computer forcing me onto Pedro and missing out on the King. Ah, well. Fantasy life for you.

Speaking of a fantasy, how about that Seahawks' offseason, eh? Sure, we've had our rough spells (*cough* Hutch *cough* Joe J *cough* Holmgren not shutting his trap), but, overall, looks like a pretty nice haul by Ruskell once again. I mean, look at our offense! Hass at QB, Shaun at RB, Strong at FB, an offensive line of Walter Jones, Ashworth, Spencer, Womack, Tobeck, Gray, and Locklear (great depth!), and a wide-receiving corps of Jackson, Burleson, Engram, and Hackett! That's, um, not too shabby! Will we miss Hutch? Absolutely, that guy was a beast and he WILL improve Minnesota's offense. It's just that he will be protecting Brad Johnson and blocking for Chester Taylor. I mean, wow. Again, I'm talking to this Vikings fan, and, first, he starts making fun of US for paying Burleson $49 mill. So.... I nip that in the bud by reminding him of the actual contract (4 yrs, $14 mill). His second argument.... we still don't have a #1 wide receiver. So.... I nip that in the bud by reminding him of D-Jack. His third argument..... the Vikings didn't really want Burleson. So..... I nip that in the bud by telling him that was not what the Vikings said, even citing Pro Football Talk, which this guy reads diligently. His fourth argument.... this wouldn't really hurt the Vikings because they have excellent wide-receiver depth, led by Koren Robinson. At this point I knew that it probably wouldn't be interesting enough to continue this line of thought, but, for you, the reader, I will. Here is the depth chart for the Minnesota Vikings at wide receiver. #1: Koren Robinson. #2: Travis Taylor. #3: Marcus Robinson. #4: Troy Williamson. That's a big shrug there, good buddy. A big shrug. Did the Vikings come ahead in the Hutch/Burleson switch? Yeah, probably, if you're just comparing those two players. But I'll rest in the knowledge that a lot of NFL guys are ticked off at the Vikings, and with the knowledge that Burleson will add that tough dimension to our wide-receiver corps that we lost with Joe J.

Basically, the offseason, in my opinion, has been upgraded to at least a B, if not a B+. All we are missing (and, seriously, I mean ALL we are missing) is a backup DE, a backup FS, a backup QB, resigning Josh Brown, finding a real punter (not named Tom Rouen), and a starting CB. That is it. That is all. And if we find cap room for one Ty Law? Wow. The offseason grade will creep up to the A range. Absolutely.

Now, as for Holmgren, five articles in like a week is probably enough there, big boy. I heard that you were still mad at the refs, that the loss was still hitting you hard, that you will probably retire after 2006, that you were surprised we didn't franchise Hutch..... blah blah blah. Honestly, a little too much from a coach that I usually have a tremendous amount of respect for. Now, I don't personally disagree or have a problem with anything he said (including the retiring possibility), but, man, his face was all over this past week, and that just hit me as a tad strange. As for him retiring, do it, Holmgren, especially if your family wants you to. I mean it. You have nothing more to prove here, so enjoy your life. You've earned it. Just don't be stupid and try to take on another coaching rebuilding job or, God help us, another GM position. You know as well as I do that you don't have the energy for it. You didn't have the energy to deal with a 9-7 team; I doubt you'd have the energy to deal with a 4-12 team. Stay with the Hawks or retire. Both choices are fine.

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