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Sunday, March 05, 2006

He's Baaa-ck

Shaun Alexander is back in the fold, supposedly signing an 8 year 62 million dollar contract. Colin will have more on this tomorrow, but didn't want any of our loyal readers to think we were completely dropping the ball here.

Quick thoughts... we need to see what the dispersement of money is over the course of the years to see if this is a good deal or not. Obviously 8 years is too long and neither party expects Shaun to play that long. That is an awful lot of money. If the salary cap goes up the way it is supposed to IF the NFL and the Players get their act together then we're okay and can deal with it, else it is going to suck a little.

It is quite a coup to get this done now. This sets up the draft and free agency far better than having the giant question mark out there.

Yes, I didn't necessarily want to resign him, but if we draft a young back behind him and if the cap goes up by such a large amount then my arguments are moot. For the next few years we will have the best back in football. Not too shabby.

Go Ruskell!

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