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Saturday, March 04, 2006

Glimmers of Hope

I had to write on the Sonics game last night. It was, to allow me to gush, almost perfect. Since I'm cheering us to lose most games for a better draft pick, the result couldn't have been better. These Sonics can play ball. These Sonics can play ball with the best team in the NBA. A few observations...

- The officiating was, again, abysmal. That was a huge 24 second violation call on Seattle when the ball obviously hit the rim. Since the Pistons took advantage with a three the call became even bigger.

- The Sonics looked the most like last year than I've ever seen. A year ago we were mislabeled as an outside shooting team when really we enjoyed banging bodies inside and controlling the tempo of the game. This year we've done no such thing. Last night, going against a terrific inside tandem including Ben Wallace, we outrebounded the Pistons 48-33. That is nuts.

- The Pistons pride themselves on their halfcourt sets and execution, getting themselves high percentage shots. We forced them into shooting threes for most of the game, and many of the threes were contested. Detroit ended up going 11-29 from downtown.

- Even the winning bucket was contested, although Ray Allen conceded the baseline too soon. That was simply an amazing shot by Rip Hamilton. He caught the ball facing away from the basket, didn't even set himself, found the basket in the air, and nailed the shot. That's why they're the best team in the league.

- Our offense didn't depend on the three, but on terrific passing and crashing the boards, outscoring the Pistons in the paint. We almost scored 100 while only hitting 4-15 from deep.

- If Chris Wilcox continues to play like this, we will win the Pacific Division next year. He is playing the Danny Fortson role without the unnecessary fouls and technicals. He even has a nice touch from the top of the key.

- Robert Swift and Johan Petro weren't intimidated at all by Detroit.

- Earl Watson played some very effective defense on Chauncey Billups. The amount of defense I saw last night was exponentially different.

- Overall, there were so many things to be positive about. The Sonics are on the right track, for the first time this year, and with a high draft pick will be in prime position next year for a huge improvement.

Note: I finally figured out what makes Radmanovic such a disappointment. He is basically a clone physically of Rasheed Wallace, but isn't willing to do any of the difficult work. They both are approximately 6-11, 230 lbs. They both are in love with the three pointer. However, Sheed will play defense and rebound. If Radmanovic ever figures it out, he'll be worth the contract he's looking for.

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