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Wednesday, March 22, 2006

Final Last Word on Hutch

Steve Hutchinson decided to throw out some last words to the media yesterday so I figured we here at Crushed Optimists should as well.

Without quoting Hutch verbatim, essentially he threw out the tired refrain of, "I'm not sure the team wanted me back, they didn't pursue me as hard as I thought they would. The Vikings really came through for me."

Here would be an excellent paraphrase.

"I thought I should be paid like a tackle. The Seahawks thought I actually played guard and wanted to pay me like that. I told them to go to hell and asked my agent to find me money. The Vikings were desperate enough to throw gobs of money at me that I can roll around in all night long. Screw you, Seattle."

Sometimes I hate pro player-speak. If Hutch really believed the Seahawks weren't interested in "pursuing" him then he is apparently a moron. I'm sure all those glowing quotes from Ruskell, Allen et al were just noise.

This is all about money. We got Julian Peterson. Life moves on. When Hutch comes back to Seattle this year and gets beaten by twenty, he can still roll around in his money and we can move on towards Miami.


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