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Friday, March 24, 2006

Dear Vikings, Eat it!

As I wrote yesterday, our offseason priorities now included: backup RB, resigning Mack Strong, another WR (Nate Burleson), Defensive End, Backup Safety, Kick Returner

Well, cross two off that list. First up is Mack Strong, who comes back with a three year deal, which will probably be a year-to-year situation given his age. This is big from Shaun's standpoint, as Strong probably affected Alexander's fantasy numbers even more than Hutch. He also is Mr. Seahawk. He needed to finish his career as a Hawk. I wasn't ever that worried he wouldn't return. Holmgren and Ruskell liked him too much.

The best news, of course, is the sweet revenge Seattle is now visiting upon the Minnesota Vikings in regard to one Nate Burleson. They have signed the restricted free agent WR to a seven year, 49 million dollar offer sheet. If that sounds familiar, it's the exact contract offered to Steve Hutchinson. While I believe that's probably too much money to give a number two wideout, Burleson has shown great potential. To really rub it in both the Vikings and the NFLPA's collective noses, Seattle included two poison pills. One is that if Burleson is paid MORE than all the running backs combined the deal is guaranteed (Minnesota isn't paying their RBs much). The second, and my personal favorite, is that the deal is guaranteed if Burleson plays five games in the state of Minnesota during any year of the deal. That just cracks me up.

Look, this was Pandora's Box that Steve Hutchinson's contract opened. We said it before. The NFL is going to have to reign this in, and now. Still, revenge is sure fun, especially when it comes with filling one of our main offseason priorities.

With this new signing, we now are left with a defensive end (probable first round pick), a backup safety, backup RB, and maybe a kick returner (although with Peter Warrick returning we may not be in the market any longer with Burleson's signing). That's a pretty darn short list.

In Ruskell we trust!

Go Hawks!

Update: Per ProFootballTalk's Rumor Mill that we link to, the contract from Seattle's perspective is actually a four year, 14 million contract with 5 million guaranteed. That seems much more reasonable. The higher total is again to dissuade Minnesota from matching.

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