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Friday, March 31, 2006

Crushed Fantasy Tips

If many of you are doing fantasy baseball and haven't done your drafts yet (ours is tonight), check out a few tips from the masters...

From a pitching side especially I'm trying to stay away this year from the Curt Schilling line of brittle older starters. Hence on my first fantasy team (with some guys from work) I have Felix, Rich Harden, Mark Buehrle, Dan Haren and Jose Contreras. There's not one guy on that list that should be considered a huge injury risk. That means there's no way I'm picking Randy Johnson, Mike Mussina, Schilling, Pedro (who actually was healthy last year which does not bode well for this year), Moyer (insert chuckle), Clemens if he returns, you get the idea.

From a closer perspective I'm going to stay away from Eddie Guardado who somehow made it through the year healthy but Rafael Soriano might be a good bet this year from a Holds perspective. I sure do like that Holds thing since it is really hard to get three/four good closers for 10 teams.

From a fielder perspective, just remember to try and get a few guys who don't strike out a ton, stay away from Ichiro (like I need to tell anyone that, he doesn't get a lot of TB, his OBP is subpar and he doesn't steal enough bases), and don't be afraid to go after some of the terrific young offensive talent out there. Examples are Ryan Howard (1B Phillies), Prince Fielder (1B Milwaukee), Richie Weeks (2B Milwaukee), Delmon Young (OF Tampa Bay), Dan Johnson (1B Oakland). I'm personally not going to draft Vlad Guerrero this year, who looks older and older each time out. I might go after Griffey again, but that's a big injury risk too. Since we do Total Bases instead of Home Runs (I love this league) you don't have to just think bashers.

Another big sleeper Colin and I were talking about is Brad Wilkerson, now with Texas. The guy had a "down' .350 OBP playing in that enormous ballpark in Washington and now moves to Arlington. Could definitely be a steal.

Mariners I would go for include: Johjima (really aren't that many good catchers), Beltre (he will be better, but only pick him up in a later round), Sexson (acknowledging the strikeouts), Soriano, King Felix (of course), and MAYBE Jose Lopez in a later round (his percentage of hits that go for extra bases denote a lot of potential power).

I know everyone has their own favorite players. Mine include Griffey, Jose Vidro and Placido Polanco.

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