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Wednesday, March 08, 2006

Come back to us in a few days...

Since the NFL has decided to self-destruct, the WBC continues to bore the hell out of me (did ANYONE not see that our starting pitching was awful?) and college basketball games right now involve Montana, it's going to be a few days before Colin and I have anything remotely interesting to blog about. Therefore, it's time for another worthless Percodan and Advil fueled rant. Ready... Go!

I'm on another business trip right now, this joyride taking me from Orlando-Philly (where I am now)-Boston-New York-Raleigh/Durham-Chicago-home. If you take a look at that list and think, "Man, I hope he gets paid well!" the answer is... sort of.

Anyways, the main purpose of this particular trip are seminars, which have gone well to this point. Myself and my partner for the week and a half also visited a few customers today. All of this, by the way, I do while high on pain pills. The customer visits were beyond awful today. Is it too much to ask for a local sales rep to prep an account for an expert to visit? Would that be too much to ask? I could easily spend my time laying down, drooling a mixture of spittle and blood on the ground instead of speaking marketing-ese to engineers not that interested in buying your part. Do I truly care how commercial fans are made? Hmmm... quick thought... NO. However, I was privileged to be edumacated for a full two hours today on that very premise. Amount of revenue gained: Minus my salary.

The gentleman I'm traveling with does provide a modicum of entertainment. He says he's shy but he has a cruel streak that cracks me up at times. For example, he used to live in a residential complex and had a neighbor with a dog. This particular dog continued to do its business on Dave's lawn. After asking the owner multiple times to correct the dog and the problem recurring, Dave had enough. He made "sundaes" out of the accident areas, covering the feces with whipped cream and a cherry. The dog ended up eating all of it, irritating the owner.

Those stories make me laugh and shudder at the same time. I'm not that cruel, but I'm glad there are people who can tell me about those times.

Anyways, selection sunday is only a few days away. Colin and I will post as much as possible leading up to the beginning of the tournament. Colin gets a dog tomorrow so he'll probably be off-line too.

Tell the sports world to get interesting without the depressing.

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