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Friday, February 03, 2006

WhatIfSports simulates crap

What happens when a computer simulates 100 versions of the Super Bowl programmed by morons? Apparently, you have WhatIfSports and their "representative game". Apparently Pitt won 66% of the time by about 24-20. I can deal with that (barely). But the representative game is just RICH with idiocy.

Idiotic statement #1: "the age of Bettis and the inexperience of the Seahawks were on full display as the Pittsburgh Steelers outlasted the Seahawks 23-20" For some reason the newest conventional wisdom is that the Hawks are inexperienced while the Steelers are. This would apparently come from Candyland, since Seattle actually has more players and coaches with experience in the Super Bowl than the Steelers do.

Idiotic statement #2: "There is no mystery to what the Pittsburgh Steelers try to do with the ball on offense, run." Anyone who agrees with that, please read below preview posts. The Steelers are not a good running team. Please understand this. If Pittsburgh wins (and there is a good solid chance of that) it will be because of one Ben Roethlisberger.

Idiotic statement #3: "Fittingly, on the first play from scrimmage Willie Parker took a pitch to the right and hit pay dirt for 16 quality yards. This was a sign of things to come as he went off for 149 yards busting big gain after big gain." Let's get this straight. The #1 ranked rushing defense (on our favorite Football Outsiders site) against Willie "do nothing against good rushing defenses all season" Parker, against a rushing offense averaging 3.2 ypc in the postseason, and the MOST representative simulation has him going off for 150 yards? Number of times Willie did that in the regular season? Once... in week one. What statistics are these people using?

Idiotic statement #4: "Seattle responded with a drive of 60 Yards capped off by a 9 yard scamper by Mack Strong for the TD to tie the game at 7." Again, the most representative simulation has Mack Strong getting our first TD with a 9 yard run? Mack Strong? What?

Overall idiocy: Hasselbeck throwing 3 INTs. A man who has thrown 6 INTs the last 17 games deserves better than that.

Here's the deal. All the stuff above could happen. But if you are passing this off as a good statistical representation of the game, I could think of something on the can and pass it off better.

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