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Tuesday, February 28, 2006

Ultimate Explosion!!

What originally started out as a rather dull sports day actually gave rise to real conversation topics! Oh boy!

- I really appreciate this Seattle Times article about the Seahawks saying the team is looking at d-end or safety. If we cannot resign Marquand Manuel I agree with both positions (although I still think that whole Ting/Bing/Whatever his name is guy from USC is overrated. Anyone watch USC play "defense" this year? I think I saw Vlad Radmanovic playing middle linebacker). To follow up on our Shaun Alexander post, the general consensus around the league appears to be that Shaun will return to Seattle, tail between his legs, minus the billion plus signing bonus he is looking for. At this point Arizona won't pay for him (Denny Green making the correct decision? What?), Minnesota says no, and Carolina appears out of the running. So unless Shaun Alexander decided to convince Scott Boras to rep football too and finds a suitable Tom Hicks in the NFL owners club we may be back with the league MVP. Why am I not excited about that right now? I honestly can't wait for the draft, though, as I've written previously the NFL draft is the best one out there, because the talent can actually play right away. We rarely have to hear the word "project" or "length" to let execs weasel out of why they took a scared looking homie instead of someone with "talent".

Can I continue to laugh at this whole "Wonderlic" thing with Vince Young? Did anyone watch the Rose Bowl? Anyone? And you're worried that he has problems with multiple choice? Rose Bowl? Scouts are funny sometimes. That's my favorite part of the combine. Someone runs fast and all of a sudden they become an automatic first round bust. Did that TE who wowed everyone yesterday really do that much IN GAMES? Ummm... pause for effect... scratch head and wonder why football men can be such idiots every once in a while... there's a reason why Lofa Tatupu came to us, and until the rest of the league catches on, I'm glad Ruskell is on the side of performance.

- Enough about football... for today. I've yet to catch anything akin to Mariner Fever. Sodo Mojo is drained from my body. Actually, something just hit me. I have another year of Rick Rizzs, Dave Henderson, and Ron Fairly to listen to. That elicits a reaction similar to mine last night when Kim Bauer showed up on the preview for next week's "24". Hint: it involved words Daddy didn't teach me and probably made Jesus cry. I suppose we haven't had any cougars chasing Jack Bauer's daughter down lately, so it's time to have some fun again. (Colin: Best theory. The woman that the new bad guy called at the end of last week's episode? Audrey Raines, perhaps leading to Audrey chasing Kim around CTU with a gun, thus leading to myself both laughing and thinking about women's curling at the same time.) Anyways, back to M's. Joel Piniero feels "good". Here's my thought... Piniero goes out and cleans up in the World Classic, looking brilliant and eliciting all these "Joel's back" articles from inept Seattle beat writers. Then Jo-El comes back, puts on that M's uniform, summons the ghost of Bobby Ayala, and craps all over Safeco Field. Just a hunch. Maybe I'll start caring about the time I head down to Spring Training for a couple of games.

- For some reason I am really excited for tonight's Sonics games. I do feel they made all the right moves. I want to see what Earl Watson and Chris Wilcox can do. I am going to go nuts if the Sonics actually hold someone under 100 two nights in a row. I want to see three guards on the floor. I think I know this... I like Bob Hill right now. He handled Rashard's comments extremely well with the press today and I'm sure Rashard will appreciate it. I completely understand where Lewis is coming from. Unfortunately for him, I'm not sure that I believe him essential enough to our team to justify paying him the type of money he would be looking for. That's a discussion for another time.

- Four more days until UW-Arizona. Four more days until UW-Arizona. What do you think we are now? I'm guessing a five seed. Before the season I thought we would be a four, so it would be pretty cool if we hit that. (Colin: Remember, two more days until UW-Arizona State! YEAH! Arizona State! Go Sun Devils!)

- Colin: I'm actually going to add something to the Ultimate Explosion today, because it appears that the CBA talks in the NFL have hit yet another snag. Just what we need, more millionaires griping about how to split up their millions. Hey, NFL! Did you pay attention to the NHL the last couple of years? Geez, guys, just get together, get your stupid issues crammed out, and let's get back to thinking about football on the field.

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