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Monday, February 20, 2006

Ultimate Explosion!!

Welcome back, campers! I took a nice little jaunt to Montreal through Chicago last week that kept me from my duties which involved freezing rain and winds of 60 k/ph. Good times.

Anyways, it was a fairly good weekend for sports. Let's go down the list.

- UW Men's Basketball had one of their better efforts of the season and ever since I gave up on them they are undefeated, going 4-0 in the time span and beating some nemesis opponents. If they could put together more games like Saturday I'd be more impressed. As it is, I still don't know what kind of team they are. Still, it was a nice reminder how awful the Pac-10 is this year this past weekend, as California, Stanford, and UCLA all lost. UCLA doesn't look good at all on the offensive end as the utter lack of an inside game just killed them against USC (who doesn't really have anything there either). Arizona is starting to look a lot better. That was a terrific showing against Stanford. If Ivan Radenovic continues to play like that they might be my dark horse out of the entire conference.

- The Olympics continue to bore the crap out of me, although men's curling at least is sort of entertaining (in a pretty nerdy sense). Let's see, highlights from the weekend... highlights... any see that ice dancing? Twizzle for shizzle. I didn't know Ludacris named ice dancing moves. I thought that Nordic competition with the shooting was pretty cool.

- NBA All-Star Game was yesterday. In other news, I'd rather watch Men's Curling.

- My favorite random moment from the Olympics yesterday came during the women's speed skating (another US disappointment) when this dude in the stands unfurled this huge banner. That's terrific advertising.

- My least favorite moment? Bob Costas interviewing Jerome Bettis. Can we please not see Bettis for at least a few months? Is that too much to ask? It's bad enough he's going to be on the Sunday Night Football team with Costas and Chris Collinsworth. That's a trio from hell. When they go back to Detroit maybe we can hear all those "I'm going home" clips again. That would be terrific. No, I'm not bitter.

- New drinking game. Every time you see a mock draft and the Arizona Cardinals are taking a running back, take a shot. You'll get plowed quickly. Kudos to Tash for linking an awful mock draft yesterday in the comments below. My God. Four TEs in the first round? What?

February is boring. Probably could use it. March Madness is coming!

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