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Wednesday, February 15, 2006

Ultimate Explosion!!

Today's Ultimate Explosion starts out with a tip of the cap/wag of the finger (ala the Colbert Report) to Rick Sund of the Seattle SuperSonics. The Wag of the Finger is to him signing Reggie Evans, Vlad Radmanovic and Flip Murray this offseason when we needed to get rid of all of them. The Tip of the Cap is delivered in regards to the trade yesterday of Vladimir Radmanovic to the Clippers for big man Chris Wilcox. A few thoughts about this trade:

- Did anyone laugh as loud as me when reading Radmanovic's quotes about this season? It wasn't about the money? It was about "fun" when he turned down the insane 7 year, 42 million offer? No, it was about playing time, starting, and getting a max contract. Athletes crack me up sometimes. Remember the type of money Radmanovic was asking for? You have to be kidding me. We'll see if he was having "fun" in LA when they lowball him after noticing that he will only shoot threes and avoid anything near the rim, much less the foul line. I was tired of watching him play. He was the Mike Jensen of the Sonics. While Chris Wilcox apparently has attitude problems of his own, he is a big body and a restricted free agent at the end of the year. You know what that means? This is no risk. On one hand, Wilcox could take Danny Fortson's enforcer role and continue to strengthen our inner defense that Robert Swift has started. On the other, he could be out of shape and lazy and we get rid of him in the offseason. I'm not quite seeing the downside.

- This trade shows yet again that Bob Hill knows his personnel better than Bob Weiss. Radmanovic was never going to be a good basketball player and only took minutes away from people who play this thing called defense, ie Damien Wilkins. He has quickly determined that Flip Murray isn't a solution for anything. He has let Robert Swift and Johan Petro show that they could be a nice solution for quite a few years. I am already getting excited for next season. Next season? Well, hopefully they're about to tank this one so we can get a nice draft pick. We could see a starting lineup next year of Luke, Ray, Rashard, Nick/First Round Pick, and Swift, which could play with anyone.

- On to some Olympics thoughts on this Explosion. The United States continues to unimpress in just about anything possible. Bode Miller's DQ is yet another example of the hype machine providing a downfall. Today Jeremy Bloom doesn't get a medal in the mogul freestyle, Chad Hedrick loses his shot at five gold medals, and the men's doubles luge team crashes. So we are left with a bronze today from the guy in the McDonalds' commercial. At what point do we term these Olympics a huge disappointment? Now, I will say that the story of Joey Cheek, who gave his bonus money to a nice charity, proves why the Olympics are so great. I would just like to see the American's not suck it up in just about everything.

- Good post yesterday from Colin regarding the conventional Seahawk wisdom. My conservative approach (4-2 in NFC West, 2-2 vs AFC West, 2-2 vs NFC North, 1-1 vs Division Winners) gives us 9 wins, which should easily put us in playoff contention. A point Colin didn't make. The NFC South (Carolina, Atlanta, Tampa Bay) will play the NFC East (NY Giants, Washington, Dallas, Philly) next year, which means that conference records should favor us for tiebreakers. Also, those Division Winners we play (NY Giants, Tampa Bay) are weaker than others in their same division. I'd rather play Tampa than Carolina and the NY Giants than Washington. Pretty good news all around, I'd say.

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