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Wednesday, February 01, 2006

Ultimate Explosion!!

Alright, it's been a while since we were able to bust one of these out, essentially because the articles have been so freaking boring.

I'll tell you what's not boring, Chuck Klosterman's blog on's Page 2. Think Bill Simmons before he became a parody of himself with the Boston uber-love.

Anyone else see that Rick Reilly "Seattle is an awful sports city" column? I don't pay money to so I didn't read it, but seriously, do we need to wear jerseys all week to be a good sports city? Did Ricky go to any games here? My guess? No.

On to the Explosion...

- I have to admit that I really like Joey Porter. He's basically the Gary Payton of the NBA, and since I thought Payton was the funniest guy to watch in his prime, I can't get enough of Porter. This article by Len Pasquarelli is full of some fun stuff. Quick aside: anyone else remember how great Payton was? Especially with Karl Malone? High comedy. Back to reality. The best quote? "I'm not just going to let you come over here, pee on my plant," he said. "I'm not going to let your dog loose and come over there and use the bathroom in my yard. I'm going to tell you to get back in your yard -- this is our side right here." If that doesn't sum up trash talking, I'm not sure what does.

- My favorite quote from the Hawks generally comes from the combination of Tobeck and Hasselbeck and today is no exception. "He tries to hide it. He wears that hat down low all the time and things like that. But he's on a national stage now," Tobeck said. "It's really been a neat thing for bald guys everywhere. Every bald guy I've talked to since we got to the Super Bowl is rooting for Seattle." I love it.

- I also love how Paul Allen is getting a little more involved and is already talking extension for Mike Holmgren who (outside of that Washington game) showed he is still a top coach in this league. Let's not have another Nate McMillan situation here. Sign him in the offseason for the rest of his coaching career.

- I hadn't heard Darrell Jackson's remarks regarding why Pittsburgh was favored, and while I don't think that the number of Steeler alums who are now broadcasters affects Vegas' line, I do believe that the bias does affect network coverage. Does anyone honestly believe that Terry Bradshaw would have picked the Steelers BEFORE the NFC Championship Game if he didn't have that bias? I don't think so. On the NFL Network, Rod Woodson and Terrell Davis picked the Steelers and Broncos respectively because of their history and said so. Thanks for paying them so much money to be homers.

- Finally, Signing Day is today for college recruits. I give Ty Willingham a "B", although an "A" for getting this type of class with where the program is at.

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At 9:37 PM, Blogger John said...

Yeah, Klosterman's pretty funny. If you like his work, check out his book: "Sex, Drugs, and Cocoa Puffs." Hilarious.

Go Hawks.

At 9:31 AM, Blogger Gavin said...

John, you're an identical twin too? Nice! Colin and I don't look as much alike as we used to.

Go Hawks indeed.


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