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Monday, February 06, 2006

The Name of the Blog Remains

Colin and I are still on hiatus, but here are some articles that sum up at least my feelings pretty well.

John Clayton: Manuel's Injury Grounded Seahawks

Michael Smith: Officiating was less than Super

Bill Simmons: An XL Sized Diary

Kevin Hench: Refs Were Far From Super in this One

Art Thiel: For Heartbroken Hawks, it's 'as bad as it gets'

Seattle Times: What Others Are Saying

Larry Stone: Seahawks Miss the Points

Blaine Newnham: Hawks Perplex ABC's Madden, Michaels too

Jason Whitlock: Throw a Flag on the Officials

Greg Johns: Hawks Can Blame Only Themselves (and the refs, of course)

Tom Hoffarth: Replays Provide Only Satisfaction

More to come in the days ahead. Preliminary thought? Not a great game by any stretch of the imagination by anyone on the field.


Football Outsiders: Wow. Bad Refs.

Bob George: Give Super Bowl MVP to Officials

Alan Pergemet: Madden, Michaels Adjust in Second Half

Robert Weintraub (Slate): Steal-ers

Jim Reeves: Officials....

Buck Harvey: Men of Steel

Michael Wilbon: On the Big Stage, This One is Nothing to Sing About

Pro Football Talk

Skip Bayless (WHAT!!): Steeling One: Hawks Get Robbed

These Aren't Seahawks Fans Complaining: SportsNation thread at

Interesting.... (added by Colin)

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