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Thursday, February 23, 2006

More Excellent Sonics News

Wow. It appears that, for once, a Seattle team realized that they needed to make some trades and, gasp, they actually made some trades!

First we received Chris Wilcox for Rad-Man in a trade that was awesome.

Now we receive Earl Watson (plus Bryon Russell and a 2nd rounder) and get rid of Reggie Evans and the Potato.

Now if we could only get ride of Flip Murray.....

Seriously, we now have a MUCH better balanced roster then the beginning of the year. We now have TWO actual point guards, TWO blossoming centers, TWO 4's who can play some defense, and then the obligatory backups to go behind Rashard and Ray. That's a roster. Finally.

Gavin, your thoughts?

Now, if everyone can learn how to play some semblence of consistent defense, we would have more than a roster..... we would have a team....

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