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Thursday, February 23, 2006

Hutch Not a "Franchise", in "Transition"

Remind yourself, Colin.....

Let it be your mantra.

I trust Ruskell. I trust Ruskell. I trust Ruskell. I trust Ruskell.

I say this because Ruskell has decided to go with a little more risky approach with the best LG in the NFL, one Steve Hutchinson, by placing a transition tag on him instead of a franchise tag.

The difference? Read here.

Basically, a franchise player gets the offer of the average top 5 players at the position, the team gets to match any offer, and they receive two #1 draft picks as compensation if the player does leave.

A transition player gets the offer of the average top 10 players at the position, the team gets to match any offer, but they receive no compensation if the player does leave.

So.... this is done instead of the Hawks having a franchise player this year, as you can only do one or the other in any given offseason.

Ruskell, please know what you are doing. Keep Hutch!

Gavin: Wow, Colin... grab a paper bag and breath deeply. You're bringing the crazy all up in here. There is no way we are not keeping Steve Hutchinson. This deal already makes him one of the top two paid guards in the league with Larry Allen. Overall this is a trendsetting situation. Guards just don't make tackle money. The franchise tag is the top five offensive lineman... which means tackles. The difference between 6.3 and 6.9 million is our ability to bring in another Peter Warrick at the last minute. That flexibility is important. We still have the ability to match... we're not going to let him go away. I'm sure Ruskell understands the importance of keeping Hutch. With him we have the best offensive line in the league, with three Pro Bowlers on one side, and the other with one of the best young tackles in the league (Sean Locklear). Without him we can bring Shaun back to dance in the backfield for a three yard loss. Steve Hutchinson wants to come back. We'll make a fair offer and he'll come back. I really have no concerns here. There is no "respect" issue with the money. He's getting plenty of respect for a guard.

All this talk is making me realize that Colin and I have yet to do an offseason overview for the Seahawks. We should get going on that.

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At 1:15 PM, Blogger DrDetecto said...

Good post amigo.

If that's the difference, then they are (1) confident they'll re-sign Hutch, and (2) wanting to save some $$ on him.

Hutchinson has indicated he'd love to remain a Seahawk. Interesting though that they're chiseling him.

Rock on,
Dr D

At 3:46 PM, Anonymous Eric said...

I don't they're chisling him at all. Using any tag on a guard is pretty much unprecedented, even with the lower number he is getting tackle money.

I think this is Ruskell knowing what kind of offers Hutch can get and being confident that they can match any of them.

At 3:50 PM, Blogger Gavin said...

As I wrote above, Hutch is making a bunch of money for a guard. There is no problem here. We'll either keep him as a transition player this year ala Walter or sign him to a long term deal. Either way, Steve Hutchinson will be a Seahawk next year.


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