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Monday, February 13, 2006

Gavin's Back!!

And the five of you who care can now rejoice...

Let's go down the topics here.

- Seahawks. If you weren't a fan of either team you could easily have turned that one off at halftime. What a terrible football game. Super Bowl XL will not be remembered fondly. Note to anyone who believes the officiating was good (the NFL, Steelers fans), it's the worst case of homer-itis I have ever seen. Going into the playoffs the Steelers were my second favorite team. Not any more.

- Mariners. Anyone hear that Felix Hernandez is going to play for us? Is there any other storyline?

- Sonics. I have to agree with Bob Hill. If they do not get a backup point guard they should just tank this season and get a high draft pick. Ronald "Flip" Murray is an utter failure at that spot and Luke Ridnour is going to break down. Murray is simply a turnover machine, either through creating poor shots through dribbling down the shot clock or just throwing the ball away. Vladimir Radmanovic continues to unimpress with a myriad of opportunities. He's not even shooting well. He can't rebound. Can't defend. Again, I agree with Bob Hill. Take the rest of the year to develop Damien Wilkins, develop Robert Swift (who is looking better and better), and develop Johan Petro. The Sonics are not far away from being a darn good team, and a high draft pick sure wouldn't hurt.

- UW basketball. I was at the game on Saturday against the Bruins. I have to admit I wasn't all that impressed with the team, even if they did win. UCLA did as much to lose that one as UW did to win it. Now, Ryan Appleby and Justin Dentmon played about as well defensively as I've seen, and didn't create as many stupid turnovers. However, Jamal Williams cannot do much of anything right now, Bobby Jones can't shoot, and Mike Jensen... Mike Jensen... the word "pansy" comes to mind. Is there any coincidence that the team started playing inconsistent basketball once Jensen got back?

- Olympics. I've watched a bit of this stuff so far and have to agree with Jim Caple. The Americans are basically choking a lot away. We almost shouldn't count the four halfpipe medals, as that's a sport we invented. Cheap stuff. We choked away the downhill. Anton Ohno choked away the 1500. That guy in luge came so close. Hasn't been a great start for the US. Still, the men's halfpipe was a lot of fun to watch. I can't believe how high they got. Great "amplitude" (Gavin's into the lingo). Long track speed skating might be my favorite overall. The downhill was fun (even if the US choked), and the pairs figure skating was even entertaining. That Russian pair in the lead was head and shoulders above everyone else. Now if the French would stay out of it...

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