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Friday, February 10, 2006


OK, both Gavin and I told ourselves that we were going to take a week off and then come back to blogging. The Super Bowl loss hurt, and we wanted to take a step back, let the pain recede, and then return to analyze the Bowl and the Seahawks chances for next year.

But, seriously, I can't wait any more then this.

I am sick and tired of Pittsburgh fans telling Seattle fans to just shut up and that the officiating was excellent.

I am ALSO sick and tired of Seattle fans saying that the refs cost us the game, that the game was fixed, that the NFL desperately wanted Seattle to lose, etc., etc.

To Pittsburgh Fans:

Your team just won the Super Bowl. That's pretty neat, I am sure. So, tell me, why are you expending so much hot air complaining about what Seattle fans are doing? If you are getting ultra-defensive, that's probably because YOU think there is something to the complaints. Someone who is confidant about the win would allow the Seattle fans to gently buzz their annoyance away in the background until Starbucks comes out with a new flavor of coffee and the world is right again.

Second, it's not just Seahawks fans complaining, ok? Michael Smith is not a Seahawks fan. Neither is Jason Whitlock. Definitely neither is Skip Bayless, demon spawn. Neither are the entire staff of Football Outsiders, who are getting raked across the coals for daring to say that the officiating was terrible. Actually, if you would have looked at Seattle newspapers on Monday, there were ZERO stories about the officiating. ZERO. NONE. NADA. However, there were literally dozens of stories in other newspapers and internet sites around the nation.

So... get it through your head. You won. Congratulations. Your team deserved to win. Congratulations. You disagree on the disagreements about some calls made by the refs. Congratulations. None of that matters. Nothing will be changed. You won. Enjoy the moment instead of whining about the whiners. Are you not better then the whiners? Honestly. Just shut up.

Seahawks Fans,

Your team just made it to the Super Bowl for the first time in 30 years. That is pretty cool. They have a firm nucleus of players back for next year with a favorable schedule that should guarantee team a playoff berth once again. That is pretty cool. Millions of people around the country have a slightly better opinion of the Seahawks now. That is pretty cool.

But, honestly, do you really believe that the FBI should investigate whether the fix was in? Honestly? On Sean Locklear's holding call, the flag was thrown WELL BEFORE the pass was completed to Stevens at the 1 yard line. The official wasn't looking for the result of the play, he was looking at what he perceived to be holding. And he called it. The Big Ben touchdown was not reversible by replay; it was inconclusive. And, honestly, would you have preferred Bettis to score on 4th down? Can you imagine what THAT would have entailed?

Was the PI call on D-Jack ticky-tack? Absolutely. Can a reasonable person disagree as to whether it was PI or not? Absolutely (barely). I have no idea about the pylon rule, and, it appears, neither does anyone else in this great nation. The call on Hasselbeck was atrocious, and that was a horsecollar tackle on Shaun. Those are correct.

But, here's the overriding factor. The Seahawks shot themselves in the foot WAY more than the refs did. The refs did not make Stevens drop several key passes; many of them would have resulted in a first down. The refs did not make Tom Rouen punt the ball into the end zone about 12 times in a row. The refs did not make Holmgren and Hasselbeck have two of the WORST two-minute drills that I have ever seen in my life. The refs did not make Josh Brown miss two makeable field goals IN A DOME. The Hawks were something like 5/17 on third down. That's atrocious.

Did those calls hurt us? Absolutely, and I'm plenty steamed about a few of them. But we can't forget the way that some of our players wilted under the heat. We allowed the conversion on 3rd and, what, 23? That set up the first touchdown. We allowed stupid Willie Parker to run for 77 yards. That was ridiculous. And, after being DRILLED for two weeks on what to do when Randle El touched the football, we played undisciplined on that play and gave up another easy touchdown.

It was an atrocious Super Bowl, ok? All sides sucked. The Steelers (beyond the three plays), the Seahawks, and the refs. It was a perfect trifecta. Make it a fourfecta, because ABC sucked as well.

But, seriously, it's time to move on. The proper response now for the Seahawks is to let the anger simmer, work extremely hard over the offseason, and come out in 2006 with some real fire in the belly, not stopping until they reach Miami. Take on, once again, the "us against the world" mentality, and use it to its' full potential.

What do I want to see happen? I would like the NFL to take another look at the officiating. That's fine. But I want to see the Seahawks in the Super Bowl once again, and I want them to play their best. That's what I want to see happen, and I'm optimistic (you can't be crushed without first being optimistic) that it could happen as early as next year.

This was the best season as a Seahawks fan in my lifetime. This game can't take that away from either Gavin or myself. The ride was absolutely incredible, and I thank the Hawks for that.

Thank you to all five of our readers as well. We, obviously, won't be posting as much about the Hawks, but will turn our attention to, first, the UW basketball squad, and then the M's and the wreck that is the Sonics. Look forward to total coverage of the World Cup as well. We might even have a guest poster during that run, since Jeff is an absolute fanatic and knows WAY more than the current staff here at CO.

But. Seriously. Enough already.


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