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Thursday, January 26, 2006

Ultimate Explosion!!

Actually don't have to throw in the Disrespect Edition this time... Colin already picked that one up today. Only a few other items of note today...

- I watched my first Sonics game in a while last night against the Jazz. Normally, playing the Jazz in Utah resembles a wrestling match. However, last night's game only reemphasized what I wrote yesterday about giving Bob Hill a shot. He has actually stuck with a rotation and players are beginning to grow into their roles. Luke Ridnour is playing with real confidence, night and day from the beginning of the season. It is no longer just the Ray Allen and Rashard Lewis show. Hill recognized that our defense sucked in two areas, the two/three and in the paint. So he is actually playing Damien Wilkins consistent minutes, and Wilkins is responding. Even his offense is coming along with more rhythm. I can't say enough about what I saw from Johan Petro and Robert Swift yesterday. They had energy, they were confident, they pounded the boards, and owned Greg Ostertag/Collins/Kirilenko around the basket. I don't ever want to hear the "we sure miss Jerome James" again if those two continue to play like that. Our defense is going to continue to show large improvement with those young centers.

- There were a couple of articles that actually gave some props to Seattle yesterday and so Colin and I, in the midst of all our complaints, should probably mention them. Seth Wickersham has a great line that I wish Clark Judge/Petey Prisco could have read. He believes that the Hawks are being underrated just like the Patriots a few years ago because they are coming out of the "weaker" conference. The "weaker conference" argument is ridiculous. The second article is here, by Roy Borges from, of all places, Boston. Read it. Our team is used to getting disrespect this year, and they are used to responding. I don't see the Super Bowl being any different.

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