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Wednesday, January 25, 2006

Ultimate Explosion - Disrespect Edition I

Even the Explosion is under a new theme for the next couple of weeks, as the disrespect adds up. Before I get to all the complaining, here's what else is going on that the Crushed Optimists staff finds interesting.

- I'm willing to cut Bob Hill some slack as Sonics head coach for no reason except his taking Reggie Evans completely out of the lineup. If you have read this blog for a while, you know that I am not a big Reggie Evans fan, ever since he spent the entire San Antonio series ineffectively trying to shoot over Tim Duncan. Nick Collison is much better. It's also nice to see Johan Petro and Robert Swift play better than Jerome James, so we can quit that storyline now.

- The Huskies are playing California and Stanford this week. Those are two tough games that they need to win. We gave away two home games and need to make those up. Top ten teams win these two games.

- Mariners FanFest is this weekend. Does anyone care? Anyone?

- It's hard to think about, but the Senior Bowl is this week. This is one of the more fun weeks of the offseason before the draft, having the ability to scout potential draft picks. One of the nice things for Seahawk fans is the strength of the running back class, as there are some large needs for us there (even as a backup).

- Here's at least one nice column about the Hawks today, from SI writer Jeffri Chadiha.

On to the complaints...

Today on NFL Live, Trey Wingo, Mike Golic, and Sean Salisbury focused their Opening Drive segment on, of all questions, why the Hawks aren't favored. Trey started out with some good arguments in our favor (more balanced team, etc) and then passed it over to the "analysts" for some "analysis". Now, here's where ESPN should probably have mentioned that both Golic and Salisbury have ALREADY picked against Seattle. Instead, with completely straight faces, they agreed that it was very odd that the Hawks were underdogs. Salisbury especially cracked me up. He said something to the effect of, "I'm going to give you my expert opinion... I have no idea why Seattle isn't favored." I wanted to scream, "Maybe it's because morons like you don't respect them and throw out new words that mean 'physical' to explain why! Maybe it's because Big Ben is apparently Jesus reincarnate! Maybe it's because MVP Shaun Alexander is never expected to do anything!" But then I took a deep breath and wondered where my heart medication was.

Next up on the hate train are our favorite punching bags at, Petey Prisco and Clark Judge. In their weekly faceoff, they are asked why the #6 seed is favored over the #1. Here's what we have, first from Judge.

"Because the Steelers are the better team from the better conference. Let's face it, it didn't matter who emerged from the AFC; that team was going to be the Super Bowl favorite."

Let's think about this for a second. Because the AFC was strong, the team that came had to be the favorite. Yes, good job completely neglecting real analysis.

"So that team is the sixth seed. Big deal. The Steelers have the momentum you like at this time of year, conquering the AFC's top three clubs in successive weeks -- and doing it on the road -- after winning their last four regular-season starts, including a huge victory over Minnesota in Minneapolis."

The Steelers have momentum? Yes, sure. How exactly does that compare to what would be a 14 game win streak if you don't count the Green Bay "Seneca Wallace throws to Taco Wallace" affair. I wonder how the Steelers' momentum compares to Washington's momentum or Carolina's momentum, both of whom were supposedly way hotter than us.

"Sure, I believe Seattle is underappreciated, but that's what happens when you live in the NFC West."

Again, good job completely dismissing them because they played Arizona. You get paid how much for this?

"The Seahawks won 13 of their last 14, led the league in sacks, had the top red-zone offense and No. 2 red-zone defense, and had the league MVP. That's terrific."

The first stats in this entire screed, and they are EXACTLY why the Hawks should be favored! I'm going to go stick an icepick through my eye.

"But Pittsburgh plays in a tougher division and tougher conference. And its road to Detroit was steeper, much steeper. It not only got through all of that, its performance improved each week. Oddsmakers like that; so do I."

Remember when Washington and Carolina were supposed to beat us, Clark Judge? Remember that? Remember how Seattle improved each time out, looking dominant on Sunday? Remember that Clark Judge? Apparently not...

On to Prisco... remember, this is from the same jerk who called us the most overrated team in the league just a few short weeks ago.

"They're better. The Steelers were the sixth seed because they played in a tough AFC, plus they had to deal with injuries. They lost their quarterback for three games. Left tackle Marvel Smith's injury forced them to start a rookie in that spot for some time, so the Steelers struggled to get things going on the offensive line."

Funny how no one seems to remember the injuries the Seahawks have had to deal with. No one remembers the loss of Ken Hamlin, both starting corners for a few games, and Jaime Sharper. No one remembers how Darrell Jackson and Bobby Engram were gone for a while. Nope. Pittsburgh had it way tougher. Poor Pittsburgh. Poor Petey.

"The past six weeks, it (the o-line) has been outstanding. And that's a big reason the offense is clicking. The defense has played well all season."

Besides those games when the defense sucked they have played well.

"But the real reason the Steelers are favored comes down to one number: 3.4. That's what they allowed per rush in the regular season. The Seahawks base their offense off what they do in the running game, which means a lot of Shaun Alexander. It won't be easy running against the Steelers."

If I remember correctly, Carolina was supposed to be pretty good against the run. If I remember correctly, our offensive line made them cry like infants.

"They are also the so-called "hot" team. Winning three games on the road the way they did impressed people. They knocked off the two best teams in football on the road."

And here, again, we have the real reason. Pittsburgh is the "hot" team. No matter that they are the "worse" team, they are the "hot" team. So Seattle gets penalized for winning more games so they could win at home. Damn! I knew we should have choked more away to where we would have had to win on the road to get to the Super Bowl! Then Pete Prisco would pick us to win!

"The feeling is Seattle, even though it was the No. 1 seed in the NFC, isn't as good as a handful of teams in the AFC. Thus, we have a four-point line. And it's probably not high enough."

And we end with an unnecessary cheap shot. So here's another. Prisco is a insecure moron who is more consistently wrong with his analysis than a drunk chimp.

End communication.

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