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Monday, January 23, 2006

Still Recovering...

My voice is scratchy, I think I'm coming down with something, and I can't frown. That's what happens when you expend just about every iota of emotional energy possible over the span of three hours and your team clinches a spot in the Super Bowl.

To piggy back on Colin's last post, I did see some of those apologies, all of which are very sweet (especially Bayless, the anti-Christ). They still will be picking the Steelers, but so is the rest of America. East Coast Bias is fun sometimes. Anyone who thinks the #6 seed in the AFC should be favored over the #1 seed in the NFC at face value is on crack.

I've scanned the internet and located some must-read articles...

- Gene Woj???????kowski from ESPN discusses our dominance. Uses cliches probably intended to be funny.

- John Clayton (he of the "picked Rams and Cardinals over us in the preseason) raves about us. I've almost forgiven John for the preseason since he seems to be the only pundit who can pick us without using the word "weak" or "Shaun Alexander's contract". Not quite though. Freakin' Arizona.

- Petey Prisco (he of the "Hawks most overrated team in the league") has the audacity to proclaim our defense one of the league's most underrated.

- Clark Judge is the one national guy to give credit to John Marshall for the plan on Steve Smith. It didn't seem that complicated to me, and I still don't understand how Chicago doesn't play the same defense. Beat the crap out of him on the line of scrimmage and then double him. How hard was that? The local coverage was a bit better.

- Art Thiel, as usual, has the absolute best local take on this game. It is a must read.

A few quick thoughts on this game, since Colin did a pretty darn good job on it below (hint: read it).

- This crowd was insanely loud from the beginning. I don't think Carolina, for all their bravado, was truly prepared for the insane chants of the truly desperate. When John Kasay ran on the field for warmups in the pregame and was loudly booed I knew there was going to be issues. I have to admit, not only did I tape the game, I watched it again last night simply to see how the crowd noise came through on the TV. It sure was fun to listen to how rattled Joe Buck was by it.

- The defense on Steve Smith wasn't particularly imaginative or brilliant. It was a double team. How hard would that have been for Chicago to implement? Now, our front four were brilliant. Jake Delhomme didn't have time to breathe. He couldn't take a step forward, and couldn't find anyone open even when they were.

- Our offensive line was brilliant. As Colin and I predicted, Carolina could do nothing with their front four. Shaun Alexander's numbers were great, and he did make some insane cutbacks, but on many of his runs he wasn't even touched until he hit the secondary, so he only had to make a corner miss. While he did miss his first third-and-one run, he didn't do anything else wrong on those short yardage situations.

- Marcus Trufant is taking the next step to being a shut down corner. Even on the one instance where he didn't have help and they tried going over the top he had better position on the ball than Steve Smith. When he was beaten by Drew Carter, that was one heck of a catch.

- We should see more of Seneca Wallace. He's too big a weapon to leave on the bench.

- It's the Super Bowl! Can you believe it!

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