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Thursday, January 12, 2006

Pittsburgh Steelers at Indianapolis Colts

Just my luck that I get stuck previewing this game. Why couldn't Gavin have done this game yesterday instead of the much more interesting Panthers/Bears matchup?

Let's be honest. This game won't be close. Oh, it might end up being close on the scoreboard, but there is no way that Pittsburgh walks into town and beats the Colts. No way. Can't be done.

I have questions about every other game, including the Hawks/Redskins tilt. Can the Seahawks stop the Redskins on third down? Can Jake Plummer stay away from making mistakes? Can the Panthers run the ball for a second week in a row?

I have almost no questions about this game. In every way, shape, and form this appears a sure blowout. You have almost all the planets in alignment....

The tragedy - Tony Dungy's son died a few weeks ago. You might have heard about this. There is no way that any of the Colts try less than 3000% to win for Dungy.

The quarterback - Peyton Manning does not lose this game, at home, in the postseason. Screw rusty. He is healthy and ready to take this team to the AFC Championship game.

The pass rush - Big Ben won't have time to sit back and throw like he did against Cincy. A guy named Freeney will be there early and often.

Too many weapons - The Steelers allowed Jon Kitna to put up 17 points in a half. Jon Kitna. Peyton Manning will put up 17 points both halves.

Can someone tell me what a favorable matchup is for the Steelers? Anyone?

I'm sorry, but I have to study for comps and this game is the antithesis of interesting for me.

The Crushed Line: Colts 34, Steelers 14.

Gavin: I have to agree with Colin here. This is not set up to be an interesting game. Yes, Ben Roethlisberger was coming off an injury, but is that worth 20 extra points this week? I would say no. Remember, the Steelers' only touchdown was off a short field. The speed of the Colts' defense will not allow Willie Parker to have the corner, and if Bill Cowher doesn't use Jerome Bettis early (like last time) Pittsburgh will not be able to run the football. That doesn't sound like a good way to win. The Colts will put up 30 points. The Steelers would have given up 30 points last week if Carson Palmer had not gone down. I picked them to lose to Cincinnati. Why the heck should I change my mind now? Colts 33, Steelers 20.

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At 5:20 PM, Blogger Middle Child said...

You guys are lost. That last comment by colin stated. "The only Pittsburgh TD came off a short field." Guess what, the Colts only scored two TD's one on the 80 yard mistake by Taylor and the other on "a short field" after the on-side kick attempt. The Steelers played a horrible game last time and you can be sure they have learned from there experience in week 12.

Now about the Colts, is this the same team that couldn't possibly lose to the Pats again last year? You do know that the Steelers starting left tackle was injured last time? The Steelers are healthy and the Colts will be feeling the pressure that is the playoffs. Peyton has never won a big game in his life and I believe that streak will continue.

Steelers 27 Colts 13

At 7:46 PM, Blogger Gavin said...

I don't think too many people will argue with you about us being lost. As for your points, though, I'm not sure why you believe the Steelers will score 20 more points this time around. I'm not sure a healthier Roethlisberger or a healthy left tackle is worth that much. Also, I'm sure you did watch the Pitt-Cincy game last week? What did they show defensively that makes you believe they will only give up 13 points? The first pass was the 60 yarder to Chris Henry. The Steelers are susceptible to big plays. Peyton Manning is solid at home, yes, even in the playoffs. While Pitt (if you read this site reguarly) is my second favorite team, I just don't see everything going well in the way it would have to for them to win. Then again, I sure wouldn't mind being wrong.


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