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Sunday, January 15, 2006

Mea Culpa

To all Steelers fans who were angry at both Gavin and I completely dismissing their chances against the Colts today..... um, our bad.

Sure didn't expect the Steelers to run with as much authority, to see Peyton under as much pressure, or to see Vanderjagt completely shank a last-minute field goal.

Of course, that WAS an INT from Polamalu, so the field goal shouldn't have mattered.

Anyways..... our bad.

Feel free to leave smarmy comments for us. We deserve them. We admit that.

And good luck in Denver, Steelers fans. This was quite a win, and you deserved it.

Gavin: Thank you Bill Cowher for giving us closet Steelers fans something to really cheer for. Thank you Jerome Bettis for being the heart and soul of a persistent rushing attack (minus that one fumble). Pittsburgh, I'm sick of doubting you. I'm saying it now... you will beat Denver. We got to see the Peyton Manning face. How terrific. Now if we can only get the refs on our side next week...

Colin: Wow, Gavin. Should you go out and buy a Terrible Towel right now? Who's this "we" garbage? We're apologizing, not ripping off our clothes and dressing in sackclothes and ashes, right?

Gavin: Colin and I apparently have a philosophical disagreement on being able to cheer for two teams in the postseason if they are in separate conferences. Regardless, I will be pulling hard for Pitt to win next week. Disagreements make us stronger, even if Colin's wrong.

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