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Wednesday, January 25, 2006

Link of the Day

Well, I have now read a few stories about this, so I thought I would put this out for people to comment on. Let's put it this way: There's a week and a half to go before the big game, which means that some writers are perusing the bottom of the barrel looking for ideas.

Here's today's tru-ism:

Seattle is too laid-back for a Super city.

Um..... ok...... why?

Notice all the bandwagon fans they decide to interview for the article.

"I root for them because I'm here," said Steve Oliver, who hails from Columbus, Ohio, and lives downtown. "But I'm not waving a flag for them off the balcony of my condo."

Sedat Uysal, owner of Cafe Paloma in Pioneer Square, has little love for professional football in Seattle. He opposed construction of Qwest Field. He resents what home games do to parking in the neighborhood. He wonders why folks can't channel all that energy toward something bigger than moving a ball up and down a field -- say, protesting social injustice or the war in Iraq. Still, he said he'd probably watch the game on Feb. 5.

Monica Corsaro a Methodist minister leading an Equality Day rally at the capitol in Olympia on Monday, called out to the crowd, "We are gay, we are straight, and we are Seahawks fans!" to roars of appreciation. (God loves the Pittsburgh Steelers too, she noted.)

At Rainbow Natural Grocery on Capitol Hill, Pinn Palermo, admittedly sports-oblivious, acknowledged that the home team victory had created a discernable atmospheric tremor. "I will say that when they won, there was definitely a change in the air," the part-time cashier said. "But I'm also a yoga instructor, so I feel these things."

So we have a transplant from Columbus, some moron who thinks everyone should protest Iraq with at LEAST the same enthusiasm of the Super Bowl this week, a Methodist minister, and an admittably sports-oblivious cashier who "feels" the change in the air.

You're right. If you use THOSE people as the barometer, Seattle doesn't deserve to have a Super Bowl team. In fact, just let Pittsburgh win. Their fans obviously deserve it more.

I have another story for those yahoos. One of a boy, his brother, and his father, who would continue to watch Seahawks games during every single lean year, even that 2-14 snoozefest. A family that remembers every Dave Krieg fumble, every Brian Blades reception, the Boz, Kelly Stouffer, the indomitable Rick Mirer, Tom Flores and his love of the draw on 3rd and 18, the AFC West title won on the last Sunday of the year with a huge win over the Raiders, Ruuuuuu-fus, Largent, Cortez, John L. Williams, the horror of Ken Behring, the joy of hiring Mike Holmgren, the devastating losses against Miami (Marino's final year), at Baltimore (ump didn't know clock management), at NY Jets (non-touchdown by Vinny), home against the Rams (huge comeback), etc., etc., etc.

There are plenty of Seahawks fans who have suffered for many, MANY years. I won't say we deserve a Super Bowl win MORE than a Pittsburgh fan. I will say that we deserve a Super Bowl appearance, and a Super Bowl win. We are true fans, and I believe it takes a lot more to be a fan of a perennial loser like the Seahawks than to be a fan of a "Steeler Nation" where the team is a perennial contender. Again, I don't mean to take anything away from true Steeler fans, and you know who you are, but, c'mon, it's like all the people who were Cowboys fans a decade ago. Now you can't find many who proudly wear the silver star. Same with Oakland, and same with the 49ers.

So, whatever, writers. Come up with your awesome storylines.

11 days. 11 days.

I hope I can make it until then.

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At 2:19 PM, Anonymous MarinerGeek said...

What? The Mariners are in the Superbowl? Why didn't anybody tell me? The game's not next Monday is it, because I'm going whale watching next monday.

At 3:08 PM, Blogger Gavin said...

I hear there might be something going on at REI. Maybe Starbucks (to throw yet ANOTHER absurd coffee cliche into sports talk about Seattle).

At 3:22 PM, Anonymous MarinerGeek said...

I just got a call from my boss and she tells me I can't go whale watching on Monday. If I would have known that throwing fish at Pike Place Market was going to cut into my whale watching this much, I would have never taken the job.

At 3:57 PM, Blogger Gavin said...

Personally I think I'm just going to watch the rain and get depressed.


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