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Thursday, January 05, 2006

An Era Ends

What? A baseball post?


There were only two moves that could actually get me to write a post on the Mariners right now. One would have been if they actually completed that stupid trade of Jeremy Reed to the Red Sox. The second just happened. Pat Gillick, the new GM in Philadelphia, just gave a 1 yr, $2.6 million contract to one Ryan Franklin.

This is the same Pat Gillick who wrecked our farm system, wouldn't go out and get the bat we needed while Oakland constantly outmaneuvered us, and left the Mariners the shattered wreck we are today. He has just picked up Ryan Franklin, an extreme fly-ball pitcher, to use in one of the most home-run prone parks in the majors.

The word "idiotic" doesn't even begin to describe this, but the good news is that Ryan Franklin is no longer a Seattle Mariner, so I don't have to worry anymore about.....

-- The score being 7-0 after 1 inning, but the pitcher says after the game, "I felt good. They just kept hitting it."

-- The pitcher going after the pitching coach and trying to go through the star third baseman to get there.

-- The pitcher basically having several steroid rages or something.

-- Looking at my game ticket purchased several months earlier and sadly knowing that Ryan Franklin is the announced starting pitcher.

-- Listening to Ron Fairly talk about the lack of run support..... again.

Basically I feel sorry for Philly fans. Your franchise is being Gillick-cised right now, and that's not exactly a good thing.

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