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Wednesday, January 04, 2006

Crushed Optimists Playoff Picture

Since it should be apparent to all under the sun that we are football fans first and everything else second we are, of course, going all out the next month for the NFL playoffs. I get chills just writing the words. Frankly, I've been on this adrenaline high for the past few weeks every time I just think the words. Throw in the fact that "24" premieres the same Sunday and we are in for some good times. Let's recap where we now sit.

Washington (10-6) at Tampa Bay (11-5)
Jacksonville (12-4) at New England (10-6)

Carolina (11-5) at NY Giants (11-5)
Pittsburgh (11-5) at Cincinnati (11-5)

There are, my friends, some absolutely terrific games on that slate.

It appears I was right on a couple of accounts (quick pat on the back time). I called Washington's turnaround at the midway point and also said it would take 11 games to make the AFC playoffs. How's that for beating out King/Prisco? And yet only five people read this crap. Go figure.

Seriously though, when's the last time a 12-4 team (Jacksonville) is a wildcard? When has a 12-4 team been as disrespected as said Jaguars? There are only two 10 win teams. That is nuts, and of course another reflection on how bad many teams were in the league.

The NFC picture couldn't have turned out much better for the Hawks. There were three teams we were a little queasy about playing. Dallas, NY, and Carolina. Dallas, who has the best secondary of any of the contenders and thus was able to shut Shaun down, didn't make the postseason and the Giants and Panthers are playing each other. That's good news. It will be even better news if Washington beats Tampa Bay.

Quick thoughts on each game: Will the Redskins/Bucs rematch have as much scoring as the first? Will Jacksonville remember what it's like to play a team with fewer than 10 losses? Will the Panthers be able to run the football? Will people get excited enough for the hands down best matchup of the first round (Pitt-Cincy)?

Man, I can't wait for this weekend. I am going to plop down on the couch and do nothing, which is pretty much like most weekends except this time cartoons won't be involved.

Crushed Optimists will be previewing each game more in depth. Schedule as follows...
Tampa Bay/Washington - today
New England/Jacksonville - tomorrow
NY Giants/Carolina - Friday
Cincinnati/Pittsburgh - Friday


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