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Wednesday, January 18, 2006

Best Game Ever?

Colin and I are having this debate... is this NFC Championship Game the biggest sports moment of our lives? I say yes, he says no. Let's look at the alternatives. By the way, if the dates here are wrong, sue me. I'm too lazy to look it up.

1979ish - Sonics win NBA title. Colin and Gavin not even cheery glints in pappy's eyes as he studies Greek.

1984 - Seahawks play in AFC Championship Game as big underdogs. Colin and Gavin aren't even two years old and live in Canada.

1988 - First big football moment as Seahawks play Cincinnati in playoffs. Good game, but 9-7 team supposed to lose to Boomer Esiason and Super Bowl bound team.

1991 - Huskies win NCAA Championship. NCAA Championships are fake tools not decided by any play on the field, but decided by writers and coaches. Any NCAA Championship is false.

1992 - Hawks go 2-14. Man, those were the days.

1995 - Refuse to Lose M's. This is the first big competition. Has any Seattle team really gripped our attention like those M's? With the come from behind wins, Randy Johnson, Griffey, Edgar, Buhner... it is difficult to understand what an important year it was. In terms of sports moments, though, because they never got to Game 7 against Cleveland, and because football is just plain better, it does fall short.

1996 - Sonics play MJ in the NBA Finals. While it was great to get there, did anyone honestly think we were going to beat Jordan's best team? It's too bad, because it might have been the best Sonics team of all time. A couple of stirring home wins. Another argument can be made here, but not for me.

2000 - M's advance to AL Championship Series, get pummelled by Yankees. The first of two straight years of chokes. Now, I was able to sleep overnight outside the M's Team Store downtown for tickets... but that turned out to let me see Roger Clemens destroy us. Not a great sports moment.

2001 - 116 win season for the Mariners. It's been five years, can we all just admit that we didn't think the M's were really that good? For Christ's sake, we started Paul Abbott all season! Somehow they got on the roll of all rolls, but disappointed us in the playoffs again.

2005 - Huskies make it to Sweet Sixteen as #1 seed. Surprisingly important moment, but not quite. If the Dawgs ever make it a Final Four it will creep pretty high up the list.

So at the end of the day I still stake my claim to this. There is nothing like playoff football. We have to wait a week for one glorious day. Win or go home. In baseball or basketball there is always tomorrow. The intensity isn't as fierce. This is the NFC Championship Game IN SEATTLE, where legions of desperate fans including yours truly are going to make the Carolina Panthers wonder what happened to the security at the local mental institution. This team is the #1 seed in the playoffs and now should be considered a legitimate favorite to win the Super Bowl. This is huge. This has been years in coming, and we get to share it as a city. We have had some moments (pretty pathetic there's only one "championship" up there to talk about... and no, I'm not counting the Seattle Storm.) but this could easily top them all. If the Hawks play like crap it will fall down this list (1995 M's would probably be my top choice at that time) but man... words fail me if they play a good game, even if they lose.

I know Colin agrees with me here... if they win there is no debate. Time to shine.

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At 3:21 AM, Blogger Monk Mojo said...

Great round up of the big ones guys!

This eastsider might include an early Zag run. ;)

At 9:54 AM, Blogger colin_hesse said...

You know what, that's totally true. That initial run to the Elite Eight DEFINITELY ranks up there for me (I went to college in Spokane - Whitworth, not Gonzaga).

At 2:34 PM, Blogger DrDetecto said...

Great job amigos :-)

Hawks playing for the Super Bowl, as faves, after a 20-year-drought, that *is* about as sweet as it gets ... the bonkers home crowd, so much the more ...

Only moment I'd clearly put ahead of it: 1995 M's.

1) One of only a handful of teams in baseball history (not Seattle history) to come from 11 (?12? 13?) games behind so late. The comeback was historical not in terms of Seattle sports, but in terms of 20th-century sports.

2) The 1995 Yankee-M's series was then -also- a historically-great series, often credited with bringing baseball back from the '94 strike.

3) The 1995 5th game -was- an elimination game ... in fact, an elimination -inning- with the M's trailing going into the bottom of the frame.

Then Edgar's double down the line?

Personally would go with Edgar's double as unsurpassable sports euphoria.

But your broad point is, this is an uncharacteristically legit moment for a historically lame Seattle sports scene, and you're 100% spot on. :-)

Seattle sports this week is Big Time. Doesn't happen often.

Dr D

At 2:55 PM, Blogger Gavin said...

Can't argue with anyone who claims the 1995 M's. Unlike anything this town had ever seen. I still read "Edgar's Double" and get chills.

At 10:03 PM, Blogger Monk Mojo said...

And how about those 1917 Seattle Metropolitans that won the Stanly Cup!

At 9:49 AM, Blogger Gavin said...

I'm sure if I was alive then it would have been huge!


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