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Thursday, January 05, 2006

Another Era Ends

I figured one of us should probably write down some thoughts about that 41-38 Texas win in the Rose Bowl last night. So, in no particular order are my rambling thoughts.

- Vince Young was the best player on the field. The USC defense could not stop him. 200 yards rushing. 267 yards passing. Any Heisman voters want to rethink it? Personally, this probably means Vince Young goes pro.

- It would be a mistake for Vince Young to go pro. Of all the passes he completed (an impressive 30-40 performance), I can't think of one that could qualify as difficult. USC sat back in a soft zone and let him throw to wide open receivers all night long. David Thomas especially only had to run to the first down marker, turn around, and catch the ball.

- Pete Carroll looked lost for most of the game. He blew several timeouts, and didn't prepare an effective defensive game plan. His adjustments were poor. Going for it on fourth down twice was ridiculous. He looked exactly like the NFL coach was fired by the Patriots.

- Reggie Bush might have had almost 200 all purpose yards, but he did not have a good game. From that awful lateral-fumble on, he simply wasn't himself. Part of the blame has to go to Carroll again. Bush only had 19 offensive touches. That is far too little for your Heisman trophy winner.

- Matt Leinart must have had his bell rung because that's the most rattled I've ever seen him. He looked more and more like Chad Pennington as the game went on, and that's not a compliment. When has Leinart ever had two delay of game penalties?

- USC's offensive line couldn't pass protect. They did an excellent job on many running plays, but Leinart was running for his life just about every time he dropped back.

- LenDale White was the best player on the field for USC. I want the Seahawks to draft him.

- If Pete Carroll had punted in the 4th quarter instead of going for it, they would have pinned the Longhorns deep with a few minutes to go. Texas only had one VY scramble go for 45 yards all game. They would have had to slowly march down the field needing a touchdown. Instead, he gambled and gave them the ball at midfield.

- The game was vaguely unsatisfying. I feel like I watched better teams in other BCS games, especially Ohio State. This, of course, is another reason for a playoff. Ohio State did lose to Texas, but without Troy Smith. What would that game be like now? For crying out loud, college football, think about it!

- Waiting a month before playing another game is part of the problem (how about putting some playoff games in there). The teams are obviously rusty and so the first half sucked. Again, go college football!

- Congratulations to Texas on their national title. They most definitely earned it. If Vince Young comes back, they will be the prohibitive favorite to repeat.

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