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Sunday, December 04, 2005

UW Finally Puts Gonzaga Away!

A few thoughts on an incredible 99-95 game...

- Adam Morrison can simply shoot. Half of his 43 points were with a hand in his face. Still, his inability to hit threes hurt today (1-8).

- Gonzaga got one of the first good games I've ever seen from David Pendergraft. Not just the 11 points, but hustle plays and defense, especially with the foul problems of Batista and Mallon.

- Gonzaga has some darn good freshmen. Not just Pargo, who we saw play well in Maui, but I think Gurganious is going to be special.

- Washington won while getting very little from Brandon Roy and Jon Brockman. They scored 99 points while getting very little from Brandon Roy and Jon Brockman. They scored 99 points while only shooting 7-21 from three point land. This is a team that is going to be able to score on anyone.

- Washington can break zone defenses this year. Remember how bad it was last year? I sure do. Frankly, Ryan Appleby is better at it than Tre Simmons already.

- Justin Dentmon continues to impress me each time I see him. While he still takes some asinine shots, his dribble penetration took it straight to Gonzaga all night long.

- This was the game we wanted to see from the Huskies. Could they beat a team that was actually in or near the top 25? The answer is yes. The Dawgs are officially back. Excellent.

On a completely different subject, congratulations to the BCS for jobbing the Pac-10 and Oregon yet again. Yay!

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