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Wednesday, December 21, 2005

Ultimate Explosion!!

Big day for the Explosion, let's get on with it!

- Time to start with a huge "Attaboy" for Mack Strong, who because of the players and coaches was voted into his first Pro Bowl today. Mack has long been deserving of this acclaim and yet again is having a fantastic season. It isn't any coincidence that Shaun's biggest players are almost always in two back formations. Congratulations as well to Matt Hasselbeck (having his best season to date), Shaun Alexander, Walter Jones and Steve Hutchinson (our franchise player this offseason). Let's be honest. I can't think of one defensive player who deserves to go to the Pro Bowl. Michael Boulware and Lofa Tatupu may in a couple of years. Not this one.

- One player who probably deserved to go to the Pro Bowl but didn't was RT Sean Locklear. Every week he goes up against a Jevon Kearse or a Michael Strahan, and every week he doesn't allow a sack. The single biggest reason of the fast start of our offense. I'm truly excited to have this second year player around for years to come. Len Pasquarelli of selected him to the all-underrated squad. Other Seahawks on that squad were Mack Strong (underrated no longer apparently) and Rocky Bernard (who is starting to be a little overrated). I agree with most of Pasquarelli's selections, although a few are players that I think everyone should know, like TE Jermaine Wiggins of the Vikings. My favorite pick? Probably WR TJ Houshmandzadeh, who is having yet another brilliant year opposite Chad Johnson. He is the unseen weapon in that vicious Cincinnati attack.

- To finish with the Seahawks, David Locke has a pretty good write-up of the 53 yard run Shaun Alexander did last week with a recap of how the play even came to be. For the hardcore fan it is fascinating... even if Locke has a couple egregious typos contained within. Articles like this give me more appreciation for what Mike Holmgren does, and now that he actually trusts his offense we can see his genius in full swing.

- I may not be a fan of much of the Mariner offseason, but they did cut ties today with Ryan Franklin. Praise be. The worst statistical pitcher in the major leagues no longer gets to lose 15 games a year for us. We did, however, offer arbitration to Willie Bloomquist. Why? Why? Why? Let's think how this plays out... three million plus to a mediocre defensive and offensive player who thinks he should be a starter and the manager loves for the "intangibles" while fans tear their hair out over giving so many at-bats to a sinkhole. That run-on sentence accurately depicts the next year.

- Staying with baseball, I think the Yankees and Red Sox lost out on the Johnny Damon signing. The Yankees got another terrible defensive player with declining offensive skills who will resemble one Bernie Williams in two years. The Red Sox lost one of their key players and are now without a center fielder and leadoff hitter going into the year. That is nuts. Why go 4 years and 40 million but not 4 years 50 million? You're the freaking Red Sox! Sell some more DVDs, for crying out loud. Anyways, I still don't truly care about baseball, but since Bill Simmons is going to start whining about this in the next few months in every post I thought I'd preempt him a bit.

- On to college basketball and one of the more interesting returns for the UW men's basketball team, that of Mike Jensen. I don't think that much of Mr. Jensen. He can't defend, can't rebound, and his shooting percentage declined last year. Still, just the threat of an additional outside shooter could pull a big man from the lane opening it up for Brandon Roy or Justin Dentmon to attack. I would prefer he not take minutes from Jon Brockman. I would split it from Hans Gasser (nice heart, little talent) and Artem Wallace (still raw). I suppose more talent is never a bad thing, unless you're the Sonics.

- Finally, a must-read fun article by Andy Katz of about the friendship of Adam Morrison and JJ Redick. My favorite part has to be that JJ makes fun of Adam's moustache as much as I do. Seriously, he looks like a girl I knew in high school. Wax it.

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At 4:12 PM, Blogger The Dude said...

To be fair, Bloomquist made about $375,000 last year and, while he will get a raise, I doubt it will be for more than one million. He is by no means a starterm but for a good utility man and very good pinch-runner, that's a good deal.

At 4:28 PM, Blogger Gavin said...

Basically my underlying point is that I'm not a Willie Bloomquist fan. He has this tendency to suck up at-bats away from more qualified players each and every year he's on the bench, all while getting "at least he's playing hard" platitudes. Frankly, I believe a replacement player from our farm system would be more appropriate from even a financial standpoint then Bloomquist.

At 9:55 AM, Blogger nach said...

seriously, the only thing he's good at is pinch running. is there really no one who can pinch run AND do something else?


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