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Monday, December 19, 2005

Ultimate Explosion!!

At the beginning of this Explosion, I would like to reiterate a few items from Colin's below post.

1. Praise all who helped in unseating the Colts. Now I've only had to listen to everyone discuss what the Colts do now, but hopefully that'll peter out in the next couple of days to where a few sportscasters actually do some specials on the Seattle Seahawks.

2. The tackling by Kansas City (or lack thereof) was as bad as anything I can remember. The Giants did not play well. Kansas City gave them that game.

On to the Explosion!

- A must-read Media review article courtesy of Sports Illustrated. I especially agree with his condemnations of Quite Frankly and Around the Horn. My favorite line "Quite Frankly has, quite frankly, not drawn an audience." If Stephen A. Smith has been defeated, life gets a lot better.

- This article about the Sonics proves how ignorant Bob Weiss can be and is another notch in my lack of respect for the man. Take this gem. "I really haven't talked to Vlade," Weiss said. "Going into that game, I didn't anticipate him not getting any minutes. The thing that's affecting that is that Reggie is turning into a pretty good post scorer." Let's review... Reggie Evans turning into a post scorer? What? Don't make me slap you around.

- Congratulations to the UW women's volleyball team for the utter domination of Nebraska to win the national title, which I did flip between while the Giants-Chiefs game on Saturday. I may not know much about volleyball, but those women were pretty darn good and deserve all the attention and acclaim. Bad news in the article? Sophomore hitter Christal Morrison is pretty freakin' hot, but apparently has been claimed by Jon Brockman.

- Didn't Darrell Jackson swear off talking to the press before his injury? Am I forgetting something? He sure is congenial now. Of course, our offense looks completely different with him. Watch out, all those who think you can just jam us at the line and focus on Shaun.

- Speaking of Shaun, Mike Silver writes yet another "sign him now" article referring both he and Edgerrin James. While I admit that we would like Shaun back, the cold reality is that as long as we have Walter Jones and Steve Hutchinson we will run the football. I want Shaun to be that back but it is not the end of the world as Silver indicates.

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