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Friday, December 16, 2005

Ultimate Explosion!!

Two Explosions in one week! Wow!

Why have these been a little more few-and-far-between? Colin summed it up pretty well earlier this week. The Mariners are having a crappy offseason. The Huskies aren't playing anyone of consequence, so I'm not sure what to think. The Seahawks are on hold until the postseason. I don't usually care much about the NBA anyways, much less so about this Sonics club. Put all that together and you get a dearth of interesting subjects to give you my insightful opinions about.

Anyways, on to the insightful opinions...

- Len Pasquarelli decided to write my post about how few Mediocre Teams there are in the NFL this year. This is just another reason why people should pay Colin and I to write about sports, because we would come way cheaper than these people. I stand by my thoughts on it. Too few general managers are drafting well, and so even superstars are surrounded by marginal talent. The units led by elite scouts are winning.

- John Clayton pumps up Crushed Optimists' new favorite Seahawk, Lofa Tatupu, who sure as hell better win that Defensive Rookie of the Year award. How on earth did we managed to land both him and Leroy Hill (who may be better than other possible selection Odell Thurman)? All hail Ruskell.

- I like how Ty Willingham is recruiting junior college players. It worked for Mike Price when he resurrected Washington St. It's not suitable for long-term success, but anything that makes us halfway watchable will be an improvement. Still, it sure would be nice to see that Steve Schilling guy pick us. That would be a major coup.

- I'm not a huge volleyball fan, and so it has taken me a while to care about the Washington Huskies and their postseason aspirations. However, I'm not ashamed to admit that I watched their semifinal matchup against Tennessee yesterday and hope to watch much of their championship game against Nebraska. If the football team sucks that bad, we're forced to care about volleyball.

- Alright, one Sonics thought. I do like that Bob Weiss got ejected on Danny Fortson's behalf against Golden State. The calls in question were absurd. Yet we're at the quarter pole of what is at this point an insanely disappointing season. Here, in no particular order, are the major culprits...

1. Ronald "Flip" Murray. Every once in a while, like against Golden State, he goes off in a quarter where he attacks the basket and runs the offense. Every other game, like against Houston, he can't make crap and couldn't guard me. His defense is just woefully inadequate.

2. Sticking Nick Collison at center. Let's see if we can understand this. You have a gifted offensive player who has flourished at the starting power forward position. He can rebound and play good defense. However, because another player is "energy" you put him against much larger players who negate all of his strengths and just put him in foul trouble all the time. This makes sense because?

3. Luke Ridnour. He looks like he's lost all confidence in himself. His defense isn't improved, his jump shot (especially from three) is pathetic, and he absolutely refuses to attack the basket. Even when he does drive, because he does it so infrequently he rarely gets foul calls.

4. Not posting Rashard enough. He is our best low post threat and yet we do nothing but run him off high screens for jump shots.

5. Ray Allen's shooting percentage. If your best shooter never hits over 50 percent in a game you are in trouble.

6. Missing Jerome James. This is a bit of a joke (even if national press say it seriously... did they watch any games last year at all?) but every center we've stuck in the middle has made us long for Calvin Booth. The single greatest reason why our defense sucks right now. Anyone can drive the paint on us. Anyone.

7. Reggie Evans thinking he has game. Anytime I see him backing someone down I know the opposing coach is screaming "Go Reggie!".

8. Vlad Radmanovic becoming a pansy. He passes up a possible game winning shot against Golden State and pretty much looks like he's mailing in this season. Not a good way to get a huge contract.

9. Damien Wilkins. He had some offensive skills last year. Where on earth did those go? At this time Bob Weiss just can't keep him on the floor because he's earned no respect from the opposition. Another reason our defense hasn't been all it can be.

Basically, there are lots of problems here and not having Nate McMillan doesn't cover them all. With the struggles of Antonio Daniels and Jerome James, we should be even more thankful that all those disparate pieces came together for something so enjoyable last year. It is likely we won't see it again for a while.

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