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Thursday, December 29, 2005

Ultimate Explosion Round-up!

What a crazy ride it's been for the past week... that or what a time Colin and I had sitting on our duffs doing nothing for a week. The world of sports didn't take a Christmas vacation and while I don't have a ton of thoughts on what transpired, here are some snippets.

- Texas is idiotic for giving Kevin Millwood a five year deal to pitch in their bandbox. Didn't they learn anything from Chan Ho Park? Millwood is a huge injury risk and doesn't strike people out as much as he did in his prime. So let's think about what Texas did this offseason... added Millwood and Adam Eaton. Good... at the expense of Chris Young and their dignity... Bad.

- The M's are going to suck next year. This is probably the least excited I've been for baseball since 1995.

- The national media is finally starting to pay attention to your Seattle Seahawks, with two different ESPN writers already annointing them the best team in the NFL. I don't know if I buy that one, but it at least is gratifying, with as much as Colin and I whine about everything.

- About the game on Saturday... there is not much either team can take away. Here are at least some positives. Our rushing defense looked pretty good against Edgerrin James. Our red zone defense without eventually our top three cornerbacks didn't crack until the fourth quarter. Our passing defense overall will be exponentially better if we face them again. Our offensive line was completely dominant. Basically, if we can run like that again, the Colts don't stand a chance (of course, not playing Corey Simon can do that to a defense). I liked a lot of what I saw.

- Lofa Tatupu is in a bit of a slump. He's missed a lot of tackles and taken some poor routes the last three games.

- Atlanta and Michael Vick were overrated. Colin and I believed it prior to the season and still do.

- I am impressed with the Washington Redskins, although I'm not sure they have the offensive weapons to win in the playoffs.

- The New England Patriots and the Pittsburgh Steelers are the teams to beat in the AFC playoffs... not the Colts. They are getting healthy. The Colts are hurt. They are running the ball. The Colts aren't. Don't be surprised if New England beats the Colts in the Divisional round.

- The Washington Huskies men's basketball team is overrated. Seventh after beating Lehigh? You have to be kidding me. I want to earn seventh after beating a few good teams on the road. Still, I'll be there on Saturday watching them take it to Lute Olson's Arizona Wildcats.

- Buy Switchfoot's new album.

- I don't care a whit about this bowl season except for USC-Texas. January 2nd is just an excuse for Colin and I to eat chips and meatballs for a day.

- If Gonzaga can't find a 2nd-3rd scorer, they will not make it out of the Sweet Sixteen this year.

- That's all for now! Hope everyone's Christmas was exciting and fun!

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