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Monday, December 19, 2005

Seahawks Win!! Plus Notes Around the NFL....

You might notice that my game recaps have gone the way of Gavin's self respect. Well, that's because, quite honestly, most games around the NFL are way more interesting then the in-game matchups of our beloved Hawks.

Take, for example, the fact that the Colts LOST!!!

Now I don't have to listen/watch/hear Mike Ditka, Michael Irvin, Jim Rome, Colin Cowherd, Dan Patrick, Jesus Christ (praise His name), Sean Salisbury, Charles Barkley, Woody Paige, and Bobo the Talking Sock Puppet all talk about how the Colts should sit/start their players the final two games of the season, or how the Colts are the best team of all time, or how Peyton Manning turned water into wine (two Jesus jokes in one paragraph, just getting in the Christmas spirit).

And so, once again, sitting in a smoke-filled bar was worth it, since the local CBS station was showing absolute jack squat, which furthers my point that local television affiliates purposely put the worst possible games on in cities where the worst possible teams play as an NFL conspiracy to put even more pressure on those teams to get good fast. Go parity!

Take, for example, the fact the the Patriots just rolled over the Buccaneers in a "Wow" game. That was the first game all season where I actually thought the Pats have a chance to get back to the Big One. Not because of their offense. They have been about the same all season, scoring a predictable 17-28 points most games. But their defense must have turned a corner, because they were all over an improving Chris Simms, who had no chance of making a play, and Jon Gruden was forced to chew on his cud all game while making variously awesome faces. By the way, how great was it to see the Peyton Manning face unveiled once again? I almost cried for joy the first time I saw it. Just one of the funniest faces I have and will ever see in my lifetime.

Take, for example, Koren Robinson dropping some key passes once again, one of them getting intercepted, in the throttling the Steelers put on the Vikings. Most people in the bar I was in were either Steelers or Vikings fans (much cussing for everyone! YES!!), and the Vikings fans spent most of the time either complaining about Mike Tice or bashing Culpepper while Brad Johnson was playing an atrocious football game. That should hopefully stop the Brad Johnson for MVP train, which was one of the stupidest campaigns of all time, ranking up there with Oregon's downtown New York signs. Funny story to any Seahawks fan. I was actually talking with a Vikings fan about how glad I was that we had gotten rid of Koren Robinson because of his drive-killing drops at the exact same time Koren had a pass go off his hands to be intercepted by Joey Porter at the Steelers goal line. I laughed inwardly. Outwardly would have gotten me punched.

Take, for example, the worst job of tackling by a defense that I have seen in a good long while. I am talking, of course, about the Kansas City Chiefs, who allowed Tiki Barber to have a day for the ages, putting up Madden-ish numbers against what had been seen as an improved defense. That was a game for the Chiefs to win. Eli was struggling, Plax wasn't getting open, and LJ was carving up the Giants defense. All they needed to do was shut down the run. They couldn't do it, and because of it they have lost a chance at the postseason and their head coach. Good job, Chiefs. You earn my Choker of the Week, which is hard to do the same week that the Colts lose a chance at perfection at home and the Cowboys get owned by the Redskins.

Take, for example, the game stated above, where the Cowboys were manhandled by the Redskins defense and Drew Bledsoe had a typical Bledsoe-ish game behind a sub-par offensive line. Julius Jones has to rank as one of the top-5 disappointing players of the season. He was supposed to carry the Boys into the postseason with Bledsoe providing playaction aerial support. Instead the Cowboys have become almost a one-dimensional team with a defense that is hot or cold on any given week. I'm still scared about the prospects of playing that team, but I'm a little more scared about the prospects of playing the Washington Redskins, who, as of this point, are in the playoffs with two weeks to go. They beat us before, and they could beat us again, though at least we wouldn't have to play them in D.C., where they play with an extra gear before some fantastic fans.

Take, for example, Houston for some reason playing hard and beating the Cardinals at the same time where the 49ers were playing hard in almost beating the Jaguars, which was a terrible game for a team clamoring for respect like the Jags. Does no one want Reggie Bush now? I would almost be madder at Dom Capers NOW as a Texans fan then I was before Sunday, because he might have cost us a chance at a once-in-a-decade talent like Bush. As for Jacksonville, are you telling me that this team could go into Foxboro the first week of the postseason and beat the Patriots? Are you crazy? The Colts/Pats matchup is looking like more and more of an inevitability. I would still pick the Colts at this point because it would be in Indy, but the game would be closer then it was a couple of months ago.

Take, for example, Miami winning again to get to 7-7 with two games to go. Nick Saban, given the right personnel, will have this team as a perennial playoff team, and soon. I can't say enough about how impressed I am with the job he has done. By the way, if Ricky Williams didn't have to share time with Ronnie Brown, he would be getting 100 yards a game with a touchdown at this point. He's back....

Take, for example, Cincy getting back to the postseason for the first time in a decade. Good job, Marvin Lewis. I have no idea why so many teams passed on that guy, but he has proved all of them wrong. He will be a landmark in that city for many years to come.

Two weeks left! Gavin, I am sure, will have plenty more to say come tomorrow, but both of us agree that the game against the Colts matters a lot less then it used to. Tony Dungy has already stated that we will see Jim Sorgi in this game. I would imagine that Peyton, et al, play the first half and then the second half will become the battle of the second stringers. We still need a win here, because I don't want us to go to Green Bay needing a win to ensure we don't have to go to Chicago at some point. Our chances of winning, basically, just improved.

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